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  1. Today
  2. Test Eggs

    Again, follow suggestions format else this will be rejected.
  3. WOE Schedule

    Follow the format else this will be deleted or rejected.
  4. WOE Schedule

    Please adjust some of the WOE Schedule to cater to more players. Currently, WOE times are in only one time zone. So yea. Thanks.
  5. Test Eggs

    Please make an option to modify the properties of the test eggs - race, size, element and protocol. Thank you.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Make Doram great again

    So, by that situation, is there any chance that we can have a new map for the PVP that enables all the skills?
  8. Make Doram great again

    It should be enabled in PVP but somehow the map used for PVP is a guild map by default it will be disabled.
  9. Make Doram great again

    hi Gnome, good to be back I just wanna suggest the Lope skill of Dorams to be implemented inside the PVP.
  10. Last week
  11. Kvm bg

  12. Kvm bg

    +1 to it as well the Recent change made the Bg even less happen then before a Change is Needed.
  13. Kvm bg

    good +1
  14. Kvm bg

    Hi everyone how are you? well after a long observation it's easy to say that bg is something nothing motivating here , it's simple people only farm with friends , do his kvm and just never go back again to play some bg , this make a quite dificult for some new players , and now is my suggestion to change this... first one -> put another itens to buy with badges !! how abaut some blacksmith blessings with some kvm points for old players play a new kvm ? or other itens that help all type of players. second sugestion -> alow badges to be in storage... it's kinda boring only play with one class to take all the points . third -> alow to start 2x2 , it's expansive BG when start with 2 player another player come when see started fourth ( based on the last ) -> badges proportional of numbers of player i think 5 badges for player to win ( 10 badges 2x2 - 15 badges 3x3 20 badges 4x4) can improve the number of players and the last is -> one rank that give reward of best bg players..... well give me some feedback if possible , just a sugestion
  15. Ragnafied Farming Guide

    Hi Folks, As we all know our server is a farm to win server or play to win server due to the fact that the server has Zeny to Cash Points Conversion. With Cash Points, you can buy almost every item if you farm enough in the Cash Shop. So here's a little guide for everyone dedicated to our new comers so that we won't have a negative review anymore! (See below for actual screenshot for the review) iAmGnome's Farming Guide for Newbie/Newcomers: After registration of your new account and first log-in to our server. It is advised to use @freebies command since it will give you a good boost in your farming. Why? It's because @freebies gives you VIP Status for a week wherein there are some commands that are for them. What's the best way & class to farm Zeny in our Server? - It's Ranger/Rebellion and using @pk command What's @pk command? - It's a command that will disable your PK or PVP Status in all maps! - This command can only be activated if you have VIP Status! - Downside of this command is that you can only activate it in town maps. - Also, your mobs can be stolen if you don't use @noks command Where to farm? - Abyss Dungeon Level 3 - You can farm treasure chest here - Thanatos Tower - You can farm Stone of Sage which is modified to have a weight of 1 - Yuno Field - You can farm gold dropped by Grand Peco How to sell? - Classic way of selling is transfer all your farmed Treasure Chest or Stone of Sage or Gold to your merchant and over price it! How to exchange Zeny to Cash Points? Simple isn't it? That's how players roll in the server. Hope you enjoy! Keep farming the server have cash shop sales! ROK OnZ
  16. Earlier
  17. Changing current WoE to Vanilla WoE

    Is it? Last time I checked MVPs drop cards at .01%
  18. Guild Level Event

    Godborne Guild Guild Master Godblade Kyujin Guild Members AJQUIET Katniss Everdeen Semre Tunare Grethel Weiss Additional Members Clarisse Mati Nero Bruno Mars PinHeadLiza Jocx SilverEdge DunmoreStonefist CursedSapphire Isabella PS: This is the updated one. Please ignore the one posted earlier.
  19. Do you have what it takes? Class vs Class!

    *MODIFIED* IGN: Godchemist Kyujin Class: Genetic IGN: Godblade Kyujin Class: Guillotine Cross IGN: Godslayer Kyujin Class: Shadow Chaser IGN: Godmagus Kyujin Class: Warlock IGN: Kyujinnie Class: Summoner IGN: Kyujin Class: Sorcerer
  20. Changing current WoE to Vanilla WoE

    I agree with this.
  21. Changing current WoE to Vanilla WoE

    I would prefer that than limit 3rd job skills in normal WoE.
  22. Changing current WoE to Vanilla WoE

    To be honest, I am not in favor of changing the current woe to vanilla. Why? It's because the server is 3rd job based and what's the use of 3rd job if we will change it as a whole. What we can do is change the WoE schedule alternatively. We have what we call War of Emperium: Training Edition, this training edition is dedicated for transcendent job in a renewal server environment without any modification or restriction because by default some of the items are not usable for Trans. If you would like to do the Training Edition I can implement it
  23. Hi everyone! What is Vanilla WoE? Being a server where MVP Cards are widely available, WoE, PvP or Events can get difficult for newer players. Vanilla WoE has several restrictions, the most important ones being that there are no MVP Cards, Lord Kaho's Horns, Super Quest Items and other strong customs allowed. The same restriction goes for certain healing items such as Condensed White Potions, Meat and Grape Juice. Pros: To make the WoE much alive because I often see players participating. Some players are being discourage to play specially newbies. Getting one hit by a player is so disappointing specially when your fully geared. Cons: I thinks to those players are MVP card holder dont like this change Sealed MVP cards are prohibited to give way to the players who are donating. Disable: Instances cards, Bio 5 cards, bio5 hats For more details: https://wiki.talonro.com/Vanilla_Mode
  24. Healer Change Needed ??!

    Would be a good change. I've been wanting to get the Golden Marching Hat but the soulink aura ruins its aura with the purple.
  25. Healer Change Needed ??!

    I move to the blessing and such to a different NPC. Buffs + Link + Repair on a different NPC.
  26. Healer Change Needed ??!

    Edit: You guys will see how it effect by trying to compare it with ur own char <3 thanks you for readin ! love from Kiro
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