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  3. Change of WoE Schedule

    Hi Folks, There's a recent change to the WoE that was suprised but will be reverted to its original schedule but the castle rotation will change. Also one test schedule will be implemented. Schedules Before: Wednesday: WoE 1.0 Saturday: WoE 2.0 Sunday: WoE TE New Schedule: Wednesday: Same Schedule for WoE 1.0 Saturday: 01:00 - 02:00 = WoE 2.0 (Horn Castle) 21:00 - 22:00 = WoE TE (Gloria 1 - A.K.A TE Kriemhild) Sunday: 01:00 - 02:00 = WoE 2.0 (Skidbladnir Castle) 21:00 - 22:00 = WoE TE (Same as Saturday's Castle) Monday: (Test WoE Schedule) 04:00 - 05:00 = WoE 2.0 (Bandis Castle) Reason for changes? Since the WoE is more active at 01:00 - 02:00, SE castle will be activated. Why Monday 04:00-05:00? This is a test woe schedule. Regards!
  4. Suggestion: Diversity of Quest and Cash Shop Items IGN(Optional): *** Background: [Sorry, this will be long] This is to make item acquisition less monotonous. Right now, with how good the items are in the cash shop and most items are from the cash shop, doing most of the instances seem worthless. All players need to do is to farm zeny or sell items to acquire items. It's too one-dimensional which will leave more and more players bored. Having items in cash shop is good but the items in the quest department feels very lackluster. I'm not saying quest items should be customized items (I don't like too much customization, tbh) but it can be official contents that are changed into a quest item instead of a cash shop item. These quest items should also be on par of cash shop items as right now, most (if not, all) items in the quest npc is lacking in power, as stated earlier. Requirements for these quest items can be bulks of the items of the open world mobs, MVPs, from instances, and even from cash shop items. Pros: People will have things to do other than farm those yellow fluffy dragons. This can also encourage newbies to play as they have things to look forward to. Cons: None. (or perhaps, a little (to none) shakeup in the zeny economy, since less people will farm zeny. (which, for the record, I believe, is a good thing))
  5. 03-03-18 Changelogs

    Hi Folks, After weeks of not having server maintenance we have now an update. Please see below! Major WoE Schedule Implementation - Wednesday is dedicated for WoE 1.0 (Normal WoE) - Saturday is dedicated for WoE SE - Sunday is dedicated for WoE Training Edition What is WoE Training Edition? - This war only supports transcendent class. - There's also limitation to weapons! (Costume and Shadow are not usable on the said WoE) - Can be accessed via @woete command Scheduling? - You cannot see the schedule for WoE TE on the WoE Information NPC since I didnt integrate it there. Thus automatic rewards will not be given for the WoE TE. Only the WoE Timer will work - Same schedule 01:00 - 02:00 & 21:00 - 22:00 Server Time Scripts Added Sanity Checks for the following NPC: - Battlegrounds - PVP Warper - KoE What are the checks added? - Once WoE is activated all this scripts will be on hold. Thus you cannot access the warper, battlegrounds and koe. Added Keyboard Warrior Event - As the title says its more on to keyboards stuffs! I will update this thread later Implemented Event Points - To appreciate more the automated events of the server, I have added event points to those who participate and won the automated events. - Event points are different per event. (Difficulty based) Implemented Event Points NPC - Partial Implementation and we will maximize this Implementation Automated PvP & MvP Ladder - At 00:00 Monday, the ladder will reset and players who are on the ladder's will receive a reward. Rewards: - 1 Costume Pack (Upper) - 1 Costume Pack (Middle) - 1 Costume Pack (Lower) - 25 Event Points Fixed @go, @warp and @jump command - Players in vending state will not be able to use the said command. Fixed Charleston Mobs - Element should be demon Fixed Item Scripts - Many item fixes Fixed AFK Farming for Homunculus - If you know what I mean. Implemented Global Drop System - For future use. Forgot the rest PATCH sytempatch datapatch That's all for now. All Items I missed will be updated soon!
  6. Server Maintenance (Quick)

    Hi Folks, Please be advised that there will be a quick server maintenance to fix some scripts and also to give way to the new WoE Schedule. The new WoE Schedule will cater WoE 1.0, WoE 2.0 and WoE TE. When: March 02, 2018 (23:30-00:30) March 03,2018 Server Time Regards!
  7. More Slot Enchants (for TSOD)

    Suggestion: Enable Slot Enchant for Thorn Staff of Darkness IGN(Optional): *** Background: We have a slotted Thorn Staff of Darkness in the database (ID 1664) and I believe some other servers as well implemented them in the slot enchant NPC. Pros: Diversity on item choice. Cons: Nothing I can think of.
  8. Ragnafied WoE Videos

    Wadup folks, Just created a beginner woe video. I suck at video editing hope you appreciate it! ROK On Ragnafied!
  9. Nightmare Biolab Trader.

    Again, ignorance is not an excuse. Follow format is much better than being rejected.
  10. Suggestion: Test Eggs Modifier

    Suggestion: Test Eggs Modifier IGN(Optional): *** Background: It's hard to test actual damage when we can't modify (or we don't even know the properties of) the eggs. Make it so that we can change the eggs race, size, protocol and element. Pros: Obvious reasons. Cons: None.
  11. Suggestion: Nightmare Biolab Trader IGN(Optional): *** Background: It just feels bad to see all these costume and souls lying around. Also, I read somewhere that there's actually a NPC that trades 5 of the same souls into 1 death bin. Perhaps, make it 10 per death bin. As for the costume, make it even as long as 1 RTC for 3~5 costumes. At least, they'll have value (even minimal) other than throwaway items. Pros: No item wasted. Cons: Competition in nightmare biolab.
  12. Nightmare Biolab Trader.

    Make something like a costume collector NPC that will trade nightmare biolab costumes for RTC. Even minimal is enough. Like 5 pcs for 1 RTC. It just feels bad to throw them out like nothing. Also, implement the soul collector. I dont know if it was an official content or a custom but I read it somewhere. Basically, it's a NPC that trades 5 same souls into 1 death bin. You can just modify it to be like 10 souls for 1 bin instead. Or again, even RTC. One soul for 1 RTC.
  13. Suggestion: why don't make it like the iRO format where it is always activated IGN(Optional): Enchang Background: agimat tattoos (mostly bakonawa tattoo) are good accessories which could be helpful for some players that needs additional aspd. With a small population it would be difficult to do this quest specially among solo players since the requirements are insanely plentyful which can only be obtained through quests. And compared to other accessories in the cash shop the tattoos are not that op. Pros: it could save huge amount of time doing the tattos Cons: can't see any due to the fact that you still have to do some questing to make them and again in comparison to those accessories in the cash shop which can be bought after a few hours..
  14. Test Eggs

    Again, follow suggestions format else this will be rejected.
  15. WOE Schedule

    Follow the format else this will be deleted or rejected.
  16. WOE Schedule

    Please adjust some of the WOE Schedule to cater to more players. Currently, WOE times are in only one time zone. So yea. Thanks.
  17. Test Eggs

    Please make an option to modify the properties of the test eggs - race, size, element and protocol. Thank you.
  18. Make Doram great again

    So, by that situation, is there any chance that we can have a new map for the PVP that enables all the skills?
  19. Make Doram great again

    It should be enabled in PVP but somehow the map used for PVP is a guild map by default it will be disabled.
  20. Make Doram great again

    hi Gnome, good to be back I just wanna suggest the Lope skill of Dorams to be implemented inside the PVP.
  21. Kvm bg

  22. Kvm bg

    +1 to it as well the Recent change made the Bg even less happen then before a Change is Needed.
  23. Kvm bg

  24. Kvm bg

    good +1
  25. Kvm bg

  26. Kvm bg

    Hi everyone how are you? well after a long observation it's easy to say that bg is something nothing motivating here , it's simple people only farm with friends , do his kvm and just never go back again to play some bg , this make a quite dificult for some new players , and now is my suggestion to change this... first one -> put another itens to buy with badges !! how abaut some blacksmith blessings with some kvm points for old players play a new kvm ? or other itens that help all type of players. second sugestion -> alow badges to be in storage... it's kinda boring only play with one class to take all the points . third -> alow to start 2x2 , it's expansive BG when start with 2 player another player come when see started fourth ( based on the last ) -> badges proportional of numbers of player i think 5 badges for player to win ( 10 badges 2x2 - 15 badges 3x3 20 badges 4x4) can improve the number of players and the last is -> one rank that give reward of best bg players..... well give me some feedback if possible , just a sugestion
  27. Ragnafied Farming Guide

    Hi Folks, As we all know our server is a farm to win server or play to win server due to the fact that the server has Zeny to Cash Points Conversion. With Cash Points, you can buy almost every item if you farm enough in the Cash Shop. So here's a little guide for everyone dedicated to our new comers so that we won't have a negative review anymore! (See below for actual screenshot for the review) iAmGnome's Farming Guide for Newbie/Newcomers: After registration of your new account and first log-in to our server. It is advised to use @freebies command since it will give you a good boost in your farming. Why? It's because @freebies gives you VIP Status for a week wherein there are some commands that are for them. What's the best way & class to farm Zeny in our Server? - It's Ranger/Rebellion and using @pk command What's @pk command? - It's a command that will disable your PK or PVP Status in all maps! - This command can only be activated if you have VIP Status! - Downside of this command is that you can only activate it in town maps. - Also, your mobs can be stolen if you don't use @noks command Where to farm? - Abyss Dungeon Level 3 - You can farm treasure chest here - Thanatos Tower - You can farm Stone of Sage which is modified to have a weight of 1 - Yuno Field - You can farm gold dropped by Grand Peco How to sell? - Classic way of selling is transfer all your farmed Treasure Chest or Stone of Sage or Gold to your merchant and over price it! How to exchange Zeny to Cash Points? Simple isn't it? That's how players roll in the server. Hope you enjoy! Keep farming the server have cash shop sales! ROK OnZ
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