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  1. 1 point
    Hi everyone! What is Vanilla WoE? Being a server where MVP Cards are widely available, WoE, PvP or Events can get difficult for newer players. Vanilla WoE has several restrictions, the most important ones being that there are no MVP Cards, Lord Kaho's Horns, Super Quest Items and other strong customs allowed. The same restriction goes for certain healing items such as Condensed White Potions, Meat and Grape Juice. Pros: To make the WoE much alive because I often see players participating. Some players are being discourage to play specially newbies. Getting one hit by a player is so disappointing specially when your fully geared. Cons: I thinks to those players are MVP card holder dont like this change Sealed MVP cards are prohibited to give way to the players who are donating. Disable: Instances cards, Bio 5 cards, bio5 hats For more details: https://wiki.talonro.com/Vanilla_Mode
  2. 1 point
    To be honest, I am not in favor of changing the current woe to vanilla. Why? It's because the server is 3rd job based and what's the use of 3rd job if we will change it as a whole. What we can do is change the WoE schedule alternatively. We have what we call War of Emperium: Training Edition, this training edition is dedicated for transcendent job in a renewal server environment without any modification or restriction because by default some of the items are not usable for Trans. If you would like to do the Training Edition I can implement it
  3. 1 point
    Hi Folks, To celebrate the day of giving hearts and Gong Xi Fa Cai (Chinese New Year), all rewards will have 30% more for all mode of donation contribution. The 30% will not be automatically added to your account instead it will be given/added manually. The 30% bonus will be rewarded as donation credit. For non-paypal donation, you have to message me for the details. On top of 30% donation bonus, you will be receiving a costume item of your choice and entitled to give also a costume item of their choice (friend/co-player) in-game if you reach at least $10 of donation amount. This promo is in parallel with the In-Game Cash Shop Sale starting February 12 to 17, 2019.