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  1. iAmGnome™

    New Year's Eve Changelog 2018

    Hi Folks, Here's the changes done for the NYE. Grand Sale Event - Items are now being sold at low price. +18 Refiner is Back - Permanently added +18 refiner. Increased Spawn for Antonio - From 100 to 150 spawns per map Partially Removed Card Based Modifier for Some Skills - This is due to conflicting merges from the base file. Server Files Update - Optimization Thanks! 2019 is going to be good. Hang on! Have fun! ROK On!
  2. iAmGnome™

    Instant Max Level Event

    Hi Folks, As part of the anniversary event, the instant max level NPC is already enabled at Center Prontera! Valkyrie is the name! Requirements: Must be Novice Base Level is 1 Job Level is 1 Limitations: None! Just follow the requirements above! Enjoy! Invite your friends!
  3. iAmGnome™

    Ragnafied Anniversary Event

    Sup Folks! 1 year passed by and still we're alive and kicking! Server had its ups and downs! To celebrate server's 1 year there will be a weekend event on the 26-28th of October! What will be the events? Grand Cash Shop Sale - This is for all players! So if you have farmed enough then you'll get back in track! Sale could go up to 80% to all prices! Instant Max Level - To those newbies/returning players, this is your chance! More Details: Grand Cash Shop Sale - Costumes will be 100 C.P. each - Normal Items 80% discounted of the original price (estimated around 1-2k points per item) - Sealed Cards at 50% off! - Refine Certificates? +12 will be capped at 10k for weapon while 8k for armor! - and many discounts! Instant Max Level - NPC based and must be novice level 1/1 (Base/Job) Your guild wants to transfer? On top of @package command for each member wherein they have a unique ID, they will be receiving twice of it! So yeah! See you on the day of the anniversary! Lots to be given! Don't blame me if you don't receive anything. THIS IS ANNOUNCED. ROK On!
  4. iAmGnome™

    23-09-18 Changelogs

    Hi Folks, I have done server migration and updates for the server. Please see below. Migrated server to a new node. - Observed during 1 month of logs there are some issues with regards to session timeout. - It should be fixed by now. (Not everyone experiences it.) Implemented Normal/Hard OGH Mode - You can only enter Hard Mode if Party Leader is Level 160 above. MVP Card Drop Rate Increased - MVP Card now increased to 1% Automated Package - Cash Points given to package is now increased to 50,000 Cash Points Fixed Lots of Skills - This includes: RG Banding EDP Skill Restriction Mechanism And lots of it That's it for now. Thanks!
  5. iAmGnome™

    August Monthly Sale

    Hi Folks, Will try a new format for this month's cash shop sale. Please see changes below. Special items listing will be reduced and transferred to New items listing. - Special Items will be added eventually but for now it will only be refine deeds until further changes. All Permanent Equipment items are 50% off Default Shadow Items/Costume are now 1,000 Cash Points BG Items & Class Specific Shadow Items are listed under limited tab. Oh, RTC exchange rate has been modified to 50 from 20 while cash shop sale is on-going. Hope you did farm enough! Also in-line with monthly cash shop sale all donations done to the server will receive 50% more. That's all! Enjoy! ROK On!
  6. iAmGnome™

    08-04-18 Changelogs

    Hi Folks, I have done minor modifications in-game for new players to easily catch up. Please see below. Global Drop Rate - RTC will now drop at 5% MVP Card Drop Rate - Increased to 0.10% That's it! Enjoy! ROK On!
  7. iAmGnome™

    07-29-18 Changelogs

    Hi Folks, For today's update please see the following changes below: Fixed Costume ID's Effect - Long due effect of some costume ID's are now fixed such as Magic Circle & others Changed Overweight Limit - SP/HP Regeneration should now stop at 70% and 90% respectively. (Original is 50% and 90%) Updated Gepard Check - Preventing the 2018 client to run multiple same DLL's at the same time Patches Data Update Gepard Update That's all for the small update.
  8. iAmGnome™

    Recruitment: Game Master

    Hi Folks, I've been busy lately due to work applications and work itself. I have not been able to handle the server in-game but copes up with updates and fixes if I find free time. So, I'm seeking for support to someone who can handled the server while I'm busy with real life stuffs. I don't want to leave the server hanging in-game. If you're interested drop me a message here in the forums or in discord. Requirements for being a GM: Knows basic Ragnarok functions and in-game contents. Trustworthy Friendly Respectful Thanks & ROK On!
  9. iAmGnome™

    07-16-18 Changelogs

    Hi Folks, For this week's update I have done the following: Fixed Homunculus Auto Feed - Broken after - Auto feed should work when homunculus hunger is below 10. Fixed Chamberlain Bell's Preparation Script - It should now give full heal if you choose the option. Fixed Cursor - Cursor should never disappear in-game anymore. Instead it will have a new icon when you're hovering to a non-walkable map. Disabled Attendance System - This will be re-enabled on August subject for changes. All Cash Shop Prices Reverted Back - Monthly sale has now ended. Patch Data Patch If I miss something I will update this thread. ROK On!
  10. iAmGnome™

    07-07-18 Changelogs

    Hi Folks, For this weeks update I have done the following: Full Implementation of Homunculus Update - Source: http://ro.gnjoy.com/news/event/View.asp?Seq=784&kind=A&curpage=1 Fixed 2018 Client - Zoom should now work at 75% - Cancel to log-in window should not close the client and produce error - Font is now back at size 12 Updated System Files - Fixed errors for quest that being displayed on some characters - Updated opensetup by Ai4Rei Enabled Attendance System - This will have a 20 day attendance separate to daily login rewards - This attendance will be character based. Patch Client Update Client System Update That's it for this weeks update! Thanks!
  11. iAmGnome™

    2nd Half Major Update

    Hi Folks, With reference on the link above, the changes done today are: Implementation of Episode 16.1 (Banquet of Heroes) - This story-line is up to Room Of Consciousness only. - Main Quest & Side Quest are implemented together with enchants for Abusive/Flattery Robe - Sky Fortress and Vicious Weapons will be implemented next including some enchants. - There are missing Database Scripts that needs to be updated so please do report if there are abnormalities Implementation of 2018 Client - The pending implementation here is the Item Switching Feature (Equipment Replacement) - still need to code or need to buy it. - This client supports the following: a. New Character Creation/Selection Interface - Pretty Nice b. New Cash Shop Interface - Neat c. New Refine User Interface - Bittersweet d. New Party User Interface - Very lovely e. Attendance System - New Feature to watch out f. New Shortcut User Interface - Well its self-explanatory g. New TIP Box Interface - Somehow helpful h. New Quest Interface - Aesthetics! - This client also updates Gepard! Implemented Attendance System - This is a reward based system for each character, everyday it has different goodies. - The start of the Attendance System will always be announced so that it won't be missed. - For July's Attendance it will start at July 04, 2018 00:00 Server Time Implemented New Arch Bishop Skills - As per kRO Update there are 2 new skill for them and it is Vit Uperatum & Convenio Partially Implemented Homunculus Update - Homunculus is now capped at level 175 - Skill changes are still pending. Forgot the rest I'll update Important With this update, there is a new installer needs to be downloaded for you to be able to connect to the game. Why new installer instead of patching? The patch is 200 MB in size, its practical to release new installer to avoid issues. That's it for the update. Enjoy! ROK On! P.S. Monthly Sale Starts at July 01, 2018 (00:00 Server Time)
  12. iAmGnome™

    06-28x29-18 Changelogs

    Hi Folks, For this week's maintenance I have done the following. Implemented Frozen Memory (Illusion Ice Dungeon) - This is a custom implementation. - Thanks to Divine-Pride for Mob-Information and Drop Information - Crafting is also available Implemented All Nightmare Biolab NPC's (15.2++) - This includes Old Headgear Enchants, Soul Exchange, Old Costume Exchange and many more! Implemented Guild Storage Expansion Skill - Guild Storage Capacity increases as skill increases - Guild storage can only be opened by guild member if Guild Leader gives permit to it. Fixed Exceed Break Skill (RG) - The skill should now amplify normal attack only. Fixed Trap Duration in BG/GvG Maps - 400% duration if the traps are set in the said maps. Autobonus Trigger Fix - All autobonus trigger should be fixed by now. If not, please report it. Removed Eucharistica Skill in Archbishop - This is in preparation of the 2 new skill of the said class Patches To be followed That's it for the 1st half of the year! ROK On! Happy 8 months to Ragnafied!
  13. Hi Folks, Heads up for the update for the 2nd half of the year. Episode 16.1 (Banquet of Heroes) - Full storyline 2018 Ragnarok Client (Platform Upgrade) - With its additional features such as Attendance, Airship & Item Switching. - This will also affect Gepard Update thus client will be updated. Database Update - In-line with EP 16.1 Update, there will be massive item update to provide various meta. Thank you for the continuous support. Let's end the 1st half by slow update and the last update will be Illusion Ice Dungeon! If you're liking the upcoming update and would like to support us feel free (Coffee Goal). ROK On!
  14. iAmGnome™

    06-13-18 Changelogs

    Hi Folks, Please see below for the changes done for this week's maintenance. Added Food Boxes in Loyalty, Event, KoE & WoE Point Shop - Prices varies per points Fixed Some Specific Shadow Gear - Some items were found out that they are not refine-able such as Thief Pendant. Added Nightmare LHZ MVP in Dungeon Respawn - This MVP drops Arena Coin & Bravery Coin. - It has same cooldown as lhz_dun04 MVP Ladder Monster Updated - Added Mecha Spider - Added Nightmare LHZ Boss Corrected Some Items - Bug Report - Robot's Mechanical Arms - DelayRate & Variable Rate for - Perverse Demon Mask Updated Safety Wall Behavior - Hope this won't crash again. Updated WoE Schedule - Morning Schedule are now 10:00-11:00 Server Time - Evening Schedule are now 21:00-22:00 Server Time - Castle Changes: All weekend 21:00-22:00 castle are now SE while the rest are FE. Patches Inddata IndSystem That's all for now. ROK On!
  15. iAmGnome™

    06-06-18 Changelogs

    Hi Folks, Please see below for the changes done for this week's maintenance. Added Rock Ridge Enchant NPC - Rock Ridge story line is now completed. Added Safe Checks on all Enchant NPCS - Thanks to Ian for reporting of possible exploitable bug. Corrected Items - Blacksmith Blessing & Perverse Mask can now be worn by all job (Missing Flags). Re-positioned WoE Flags - All active castle flags are now showcased at center Prontera. That's all for the quick maintenance. ROK On!