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  1. 04-20-18 Crucial Update - Changelogs

    Hi Folks, For today's maintenance, please see fixes below. Crucial Costume Bug - Fixed Headgear to Costume BUG when part of item combo. The item set bonus still remain when being converted to costume thus making it twice the value if you equip both in Normal Equip Tab & Costume Tab. - E.G. Mob Scarf + Sunglasses Updated Item Database - Fixed some item database errors and bonuses. - E.G. Mad Bunny + Piamette Ribbon Combo Updated Main Website - Just aesthetics. No patch has been uploaded! Just keep running the patcher though! ROK On!
  2. Facebook Group Event!

    Hi Folks, It's long overdue already! It's better late than never right? We already have a facebook group! Let's have a mini-event for it! Details below! What: FB Group Join, Share & Invite Event! How: Join Ragnafied's Facebook Group! Share our group! Let us be known! Invite your friends to the group! Comment your IGN to the post in the FB Group. Reward: 1 Donation Credit 1 Costume Item of your Choice (Cash Shop Based) That's all! Good luck! Have fun! ROK On!
  3. 04-11-18 Changelogs

    Hi Folks, Please see changes done during server maintenance. Fixed Pet Evolution & Autofeed Menu - Pet Evolution & Autofeed menu should now be displayed in the drop down menu. - Autofeed only applies to evolved pets Added Homunculus Autofeed - In-line with Pet Autofeed, homunculus now can be autofed. - Ignore double message for both autofeed. (It will be fixed) Modified WoE Schedule - WoE schedule are now 08:00 - 09:00 and 20:00 - 21:00 Server Time. - It still follows the same day schedule of Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday. - This changes also removed the current holders of Castles. Added Pet Fortune in Cash Shop - This gives taming items for pets who are not being dropped by normal monster. - A few of taming items that are being dropped is included just to add some RNG. To be updated Patches System Patch Data Patch I will update this thread soon.
  4. WoE Schedule

    Hi Folks, Since we already have 2 guild competing, should we remove the Trans-Woe for Wednesday and replace it with normal WoE?
  5. Easter Donation Promo

    Hi Folks, Got the egg? You're a lucky one! Got the ultimate prize of it? That's something! To celebrate Easter, we will be having an Easter Donation Promo and details are posted below. You can option out to receive Easter Eggs or 30% more credits. (Minimum donation amount to option out Easter Egg is $10) To those who wants to option out Easter Eggs, 1 D. Credit = 3 Easter Egg. (Only applicable to the 30% more credits) Happy Easter! May luck find you.
  6. Easter Update Changelogs

    Hi Folks, What's new with Ragnafied? See below for the Easter Update! Custom Implementation of Illusion Moonlight & Vampire Dungeons! - While waiting for Episode 16.x which is already near, why not try something new first? - Illusion dungeons are like nightmare dungeons. - The only difference between them is that Illusion dungeons have specific items that you can get. - It could or not change the Meta of the game. Hourly Points Reward - Want to have some reward while playing? This is it! - 40 Cash Points is rewarded per hour. (Not a lot but can let you buy some usable) - IDLE Time is 15 minutes. Counter will stop after 15 minutes. Easter Egg Hunting - Well to have at least some thrill and excitement, Easter Egg is now globally drop until Easter Sunday! - It's drop rate is higher than regular RTC. - The items are unique and costs too much except for the common once. So good luck RNG! Crafting NPC (Prontera 122 169) - This is a new NPC for the server that lets you slot some items. (E.G. Cloak of Casualties, Robo Eyes, Angel Spirit and etc) - This will be updated from time to time. Quest Item Update - Quest NPC now with updated headgear and will be updated again very soon! Costume Update - There will be a lot of costume going out! So watch out! Script Fail-checks - Added some safety checks for some scripts such as KoE and MVP Ladder - For KoE, you can't use the @koe command while in the map already. - For MVP Ladder, to fully utilize party system the map is now limited to 1 per unique ID. I forgot some updates but will try to update this thread once I remember them. Patch Notes: Easter Data Patch Easter System Patch That's all for the update! More updates soon! Invite your friends! Review us in RMS! ROK On!
  7. Easter Update Development

    Hi Folks, Hiatus eh? We all know how we work and we work in silent. Sometimes we just don't give a hint about the update but now I'll give you a sneak peak of the Easter Update! Illusion Dungeon - Thanks to server researchers & Translators (Cai & Kyujin) - This dungeon is heavily customized. We will not follow kRO Quest Line - We will have our own way on dealing with it. Crafting NPC - Slot if you can. Hourly Points - Too late? It's much better than not having at all. Big Costume Update - Cosmetics cosmetics BUG Fixes - Fail-checks Forgot the other. Currently all updates are now pushed in sakray and awaiting push to main server. Thanks! P.S. I was in hiatus due to PC malfunction lol.
  8. Change of WoE Schedule

    Hi Folks, There's a recent change to the WoE that was suprised but will be reverted to its original schedule but the castle rotation will change. Also one test schedule will be implemented. Schedules Before: Wednesday: WoE 1.0 Saturday: WoE 2.0 Sunday: WoE TE New Schedule: Wednesday: Same Schedule for WoE 1.0 Saturday: 01:00 - 02:00 = WoE 2.0 (Horn Castle) 21:00 - 22:00 = WoE TE (Gloria 1 - A.K.A TE Kriemhild) Sunday: 01:00 - 02:00 = WoE 2.0 (Skidbladnir Castle) 21:00 - 22:00 = WoE TE (Same as Saturday's Castle) Monday: (Test WoE Schedule) 04:00 - 05:00 = WoE 2.0 (Bandis Castle) Reason for changes? Since the WoE is more active at 01:00 - 02:00, SE castle will be activated. Why Monday 04:00-05:00? This is a test woe schedule. Regards!
  9. 03-03-18 Changelogs

    Hi Folks, After weeks of not having server maintenance we have now an update. Please see below! Major WoE Schedule Implementation - Wednesday is dedicated for WoE 1.0 (Normal WoE) - Saturday is dedicated for WoE SE - Sunday is dedicated for WoE Training Edition What is WoE Training Edition? - This war only supports transcendent class. - There's also limitation to weapons! (Costume and Shadow are not usable on the said WoE) - Can be accessed via @woete command Scheduling? - You cannot see the schedule for WoE TE on the WoE Information NPC since I didnt integrate it there. Thus automatic rewards will not be given for the WoE TE. Only the WoE Timer will work - Same schedule 01:00 - 02:00 & 21:00 - 22:00 Server Time Scripts Added Sanity Checks for the following NPC: - Battlegrounds - PVP Warper - KoE What are the checks added? - Once WoE is activated all this scripts will be on hold. Thus you cannot access the warper, battlegrounds and koe. Added Keyboard Warrior Event - As the title says its more on to keyboards stuffs! I will update this thread later Implemented Event Points - To appreciate more the automated events of the server, I have added event points to those who participate and won the automated events. - Event points are different per event. (Difficulty based) Implemented Event Points NPC - Partial Implementation and we will maximize this Implementation Automated PvP & MvP Ladder - At 00:00 Monday, the ladder will reset and players who are on the ladder's will receive a reward. Rewards: - 1 Costume Pack (Upper) - 1 Costume Pack (Middle) - 1 Costume Pack (Lower) - 25 Event Points Fixed @go, @warp and @jump command - Players in vending state will not be able to use the said command. Fixed Charleston Mobs - Element should be demon Fixed Item Scripts - Many item fixes Fixed AFK Farming for Homunculus - If you know what I mean. Implemented Global Drop System - For future use. Forgot the rest PATCH sytempatch datapatch That's all for now. All Items I missed will be updated soon!
  10. Server Maintenance (Quick)

    Hi Folks, Please be advised that there will be a quick server maintenance to fix some scripts and also to give way to the new WoE Schedule. The new WoE Schedule will cater WoE 1.0, WoE 2.0 and WoE TE. When: March 02, 2018 (23:30-00:30) March 03,2018 Server Time Regards!
  11. Ragnafied WoE Videos

    Wadup folks, Just created a beginner woe video. I suck at video editing hope you appreciate it! ROK On Ragnafied!
  12. Nightmare Biolab Trader.

    Again, ignorance is not an excuse. Follow format is much better than being rejected.
  13. Ragnafied Farming Guide

    Hi Folks, As we all know our server is a farm to win server or play to win server due to the fact that the server has Zeny to Cash Points Conversion. With Cash Points, you can buy almost every item if you farm enough in the Cash Shop. So here's a little guide for everyone dedicated to our new comers so that we won't have a negative review anymore! (See below for actual screenshot for the review) iAmGnome's Farming Guide for Newbie/Newcomers: After registration of your new account and first log-in to our server. It is advised to use @freebies command since it will give you a good boost in your farming. Why? It's because @freebies gives you VIP Status for a week wherein there are some commands that are for them. What's the best way & class to farm Zeny in our Server? - It's Ranger/Rebellion and using @pk command What's @pk command? - It's a command that will disable your PK or PVP Status in all maps! - This command can only be activated if you have VIP Status! - Downside of this command is that you can only activate it in town maps. - Also, your mobs can be stolen if you don't use @noks command Where to farm? - Abyss Dungeon Level 3 - You can farm treasure chest here - Thanatos Tower - You can farm Stone of Sage which is modified to have a weight of 1 - Yuno Field - You can farm gold dropped by Grand Peco How to sell? - Classic way of selling is transfer all your farmed Treasure Chest or Stone of Sage or Gold to your merchant and over price it! How to exchange Zeny to Cash Points? Simple isn't it? That's how players roll in the server. Hope you enjoy! Keep farming the server have cash shop sales! ROK OnZ
  14. 02-08-17 Changelogs

    Hi Folks, For today's maintenance, I have done the following. Major Update: Battlegrounds Modification - Battlegrounds is now via queuing using "@bg join" command. - It's now an automated event every 6 hours. (01:25, 07:25, 13:25, 19:25 Server Time) - It can also be triggered manually by players by paying 1 Million Zeny via Battlegrounds Manager NPC located at Prontera 149, 158. - Registration for the new BG is only 1 per unique ID! - Battlegrounds must have at least 6 players to start. Else it will cancel the event. - There is no limitation on how many max participants can join. Additional Info: - You can cancel registration for BG Queuing using "@bg leave" command. Pet Evolution - Pet's now can be evolved! (e.g. Poring -> Mastering -> Angeling) - For more info read the link provided: Pet Evolution Guide Core Update: Fixed Bug for Ninja Class - Physical Range attack should not be able to hit Ninja Class with Cicada skill on. Implemented Charleston Enchant - The missing enchant has finally been implemented Implemented Excellion NPC - This include Excellion Gear Exchange & Enchant Implemented MVP Ladder - This basically records your time in completing/defeating all the boss within the instance. - The fastest completion time per week shall be rewarded with. (TBA) Updated Item Database - Website to follow - This is in preparation for the CNY Sale PVP Ladder Reset - All ranking in PVP Ladder are now back to 0. - Weekly ranking will be calibrated and will be awarded. Modified PvP Map - Due to weekly ranking for PvP, PvP map is now restricted to 1 Unique ID. - This mean dual client is now unavailable on the said map. Patch Update: System Patch Update Data Patch Update That's all folks! If I forgot something I'll just edit this thread.
  15. @Enchang: You can use modified temporal boots via OGH NPC.