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Hey Stranger of Ragnafied!

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Everything posted by iAmGnome™

  1. Make Doram great again

    It should be enabled in PVP but somehow the map used for PVP is a guild map by default it will be disabled.
  2. Ragnafied Farming Guide

    Hi Folks, As we all know our server is a farm to win server or play to win server due to the fact that the server has Zeny to Cash Points Conversion. With Cash Points, you can buy almost every item if you farm enough in the Cash Shop. So here's a little guide for everyone dedicated to our new comers so that we won't have a negative review anymore! (See below for actual screenshot for the review) iAmGnome's Farming Guide for Newbie/Newcomers: After registration of your new account and first log-in to our server. It is advised to use @freebies command since it will give you a good boost in your farming. Why? It's because @freebies gives you VIP Status for a week wherein there are some commands that are for them. What's the best way & class to farm Zeny in our Server? - It's Ranger/Rebellion and using @pk command What's @pk command? - It's a command that will disable your PK or PVP Status in all maps! - This command can only be activated if you have VIP Status! - Downside of this command is that you can only activate it in town maps. - Also, your mobs can be stolen if you don't use @noks command Where to farm? - Abyss Dungeon Level 3 - You can farm treasure chest here - Thanatos Tower - You can farm Stone of Sage which is modified to have a weight of 1 - Yuno Field - You can farm gold dropped by Grand Peco How to sell? - Classic way of selling is transfer all your farmed Treasure Chest or Stone of Sage or Gold to your merchant and over price it! How to exchange Zeny to Cash Points? Simple isn't it? That's how players roll in the server. Hope you enjoy! Keep farming the server have cash shop sales! ROK OnZ
  3. Guild Level Event

    Hi Folks, To promote competition in our community here's a simple event for ya'll Guild Level Event (A.K.A Guild Transfer Event). Goal: War of Emperium! Mechanics: Guild Level Must be 50 (Maximum). Total of 8-10 members including Guild Leader can claim the pack. All members should be maximum level. Members must not be of Same IP**/Unique ID. - If members are playing in the same Internet PUB/Cafe, please provide proof. All members should be online when claiming prize. Prize: For Guild Leader/Member: 1 +9 Armor Refine 1 +9 Weapon Refine 1 15 Days Premium Ticket 3 Mystical Card Album 50 Elite Siege Boxes 1 Token of Siegfried Box 1 Heavy Lifter Box 3 HD Oridecon Box 3 HD Elunium Box 10 Blacksmith's Blessing 3000 Cash Updated Package includes: Siege Set (via Activity Points) - Buy your own Siege Items - Enough Activity Points will be given for player to buy a Siege Set 100 Mora Coins Extra Reward for Guild Leader: Bragging Rights! Note: Package will be Unique ID Based! All members are subject for evaluation. What are you waiting for? Dare to start with us? Do you have what it takes? ROK On! Event deadline no definite time.
  4. Hi Folks, Since almost everyone has their gears prepared and can go online let's have an event that will test your skills both hand and eye coordination! Also this will test your knowledge about renewal system! Event Information Name: Kings of Class Details: It's a 1 on 1 PvP event that is basically a battle of same class! (e.g. Sura vs Sura) When: TBD (Comment also your schedule via reply) Limitation: No outside buffs, only class buffs and foods/potions Mechanics: Register here on by replying the following: * IGN: iAmGnome Class: Rune Knight (RK) Optional: Available Schedule for the Event (Multiple registration are allowed as long as it is in different Class) Be online 5 minutes before the said event Event Prize: Champion (Per Class) - 1 Champion Costume (This would mark them as Champions) Participants (The fallen heroes) - ** - 1+ 9 Weapon Refine Certificate - 1 +9 Armor Refine Certificate - 50 RTC (1k Cash Points) - 1 Costume Item of their Choice - 20 War Badge (KvM Badge) *A player can register multiple Class as long as he/she have what it takes to become the Champion. (Please only reply once with all the class you wish to participate) **Reward for participants (The fallen heroes) will only be once. If you registered for multiple Class, then you will only receive one if you lose to all. Note: Only reply here for registration for further question via chatbox or discord.
  5. Changing current WoE to Vanilla WoE

    To be honest, I am not in favor of changing the current woe to vanilla. Why? It's because the server is 3rd job based and what's the use of 3rd job if we will change it as a whole. What we can do is change the WoE schedule alternatively. We have what we call War of Emperium: Training Edition, this training edition is dedicated for transcendent job in a renewal server environment without any modification or restriction because by default some of the items are not usable for Trans. If you would like to do the Training Edition I can implement it
  6. Healer Change Needed ??!

    I move to the blessing and such to a different NPC. Buffs + Link + Repair on a different NPC.
  7. Man hole, Body Relocation, and Mergerr NPC

    Manhole can't be cast-ed directly to a player cell. It is cast-ed 1 cell from the player wherein that 1 cell is still in range for the manhole's effect. - This is kRO's official behavior Body Reloc is enabled in KVM or BG already. - If not, I have to redo it. Working on it.
  8. February Donation Promo

    Hi Folks, To celebrate the day of giving hearts and Gong Xi Fa Cai (Chinese New Year), all rewards will have 30% more for all mode of donation contribution. The 30% will not be automatically added to your account instead it will be given/added manually. The 30% bonus will be rewarded as donation credit. For non-paypal donation, you have to message me for the details. On top of 30% donation bonus, you will be receiving a costume item of your choice and entitled to give also a costume item of their choice (friend/co-player) in-game if you reach at least $10 of donation amount. This promo is in parallel with the In-Game Cash Shop Sale starting February 12 to 17, 2019.
  9. 02-08-17 Changelogs

    Hi Folks, For today's maintenance, I have done the following. Major Update: Battlegrounds Modification - Battlegrounds is now via queuing using "@bg join" command. - It's now an automated event every 6 hours. (01:25, 07:25, 13:25, 19:25 Server Time) - It can also be triggered manually by players by paying 1 Million Zeny via Battlegrounds Manager NPC located at Prontera 149, 158. - Registration for the new BG is only 1 per unique ID! - Battlegrounds must have at least 6 players to start. Else it will cancel the event. - There is no limitation on how many max participants can join. Additional Info: - You can cancel registration for BG Queuing using "@bg leave" command. Pet Evolution - Pet's now can be evolved! (e.g. Poring -> Mastering -> Angeling) - For more info read the link provided: Pet Evolution Guide Core Update: Fixed Bug for Ninja Class - Physical Range attack should not be able to hit Ninja Class with Cicada skill on. Implemented Charleston Enchant - The missing enchant has finally been implemented Implemented Excellion NPC - This include Excellion Gear Exchange & Enchant Implemented MVP Ladder - This basically records your time in completing/defeating all the boss within the instance. - The fastest completion time per week shall be rewarded with. (TBA) Updated Item Database - Website to follow - This is in preparation for the CNY Sale PVP Ladder Reset - All ranking in PVP Ladder are now back to 0. - Weekly ranking will be calibrated and will be awarded. Modified PvP Map - Due to weekly ranking for PvP, PvP map is now restricted to 1 Unique ID. - This mean dual client is now unavailable on the said map. Patch Update: System Patch Update Data Patch Update That's all folks! If I forgot something I'll just edit this thread.
  10. @Enchang: You can use modified temporal boots via OGH NPC.
  11. Server Battlegrounds & Pet Evolution

    Hi Folks, As promised before that took too long to implement, I'm happy to announce that the server will be having its modified BG soon & Pet Evolution (next maintenance)! So.. For Battlegrounds: What's New? - The new BG don't need players to go to the BG room to join! It's now via queueing and via "@bg join" BG Limitation? - The current BG has only maximum of 3 players for both teams! - The modified BG needs atleast 3 players for both teams to start and without maximum players needed. - This means it can be 10v10 or 100v100! - Oh! Registration is only 1 per unique ID. Do I get to choose what team? - Unfortunately no! - This is where you need to communicate with other player to win! This will also engage the community to talk each other. - So I encourage all players to join once it pops out! Other Mechanics? - Except the info stated above the rest should be the same. Yeah! That's all folks for BG! For Pet Evolution: What's New? - Will edit this! Still not prepared on how to explain it. If you want to know more about it, please see link below! Link: Pet Evolution System That's all folks! Invite your friends! Updates are from time to time!
  12. Brag bug

    Still encountering it? We have tested it.
  13. Brag bug

    Did you use @pk command @kinioro?
  14. 01-31-18 Changelogs

    The prices for BG Equips decreased also. I just forgot it in the change logs
  15. 01-31-18 Changelogs

    Hi Folks, Here's the update for the quick maintenance done for this day. Revised WoE Schedule - WoE Schedule is now Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday - The WoE Time are 01:00 - 02:00 and 21:00 - 22:00 Server Time - Weekends 21:00 - 22:00 will still be WoE 2.0 while other time slot are WoE Regular Revise WoE Point Shop - Since its almost easy to farm Siege Parts, their respective prices in the shop has been reduced. - WoE/Siege Armors are now at 50 Points per Item. - WoE/Bellum Weapons are now 60 Points per Item. Implemented Limit for WoE/BG/Restricted Maps & Normal Logins - Normal logins are limited 2 connections only per unique ID. Other connections will automatically kicked by the server. - BG/WoE/Restricted Maps is limited to one connection only per Unique ID. Max Level Reward Modified - Removed 300 Cash Points & 1 Million Zeny Reward after reaching maximum level. (This is due to abuses) Modified Guild Package - Guild Package now contains 200 Activity Points & 100 Mora Coin Modified Battleground Item Requirement - For Weapon, you need 500 KVM Points - For Armor, you need 0-300 KVM Points That's all.
  16. Ragnafied Installation Guide

    Hi Folks! Here's a quick guide on how to install Ragnafied without any problem/error. Remember to follow the guide. Downloading & Installing Full Client Download Full Client Installer by clicking any link below. Mirror LINK: Main Download Link Mirror LINK: Google Drive Mirror Link Mirror LINK: MediaFire Mirror Link After downloading, simply run or open "Ragnafied.exe". Extract or Choose where you want to put the Game Files (Directory). Run Ragnafied Patcher frequently (For Game Content Updates) If you don't have an account yet, register here in our website. That's all for the simple guide/tutorial hope you followed it correctly to avoid any errors in-game. Installation/Troubleshooting FAQ's: Why is my client not appearing after opening it via ragnafied.exe or patcher? - This is perhaps to video card setup. (See image tutorial below) a. To fix the issue, open "opensetup.exe" b. Under Graphic Devices drop down menu, choose your video card c. Apply and Save Why is my gepard.dll is missing? - This is due to your anti-virus. Some AV recognizes "gepard.dll" as a threat. - The solution for auto deleteing the gepard.dll is to add exception on your Anti-Virus Why am I receiving Error ID: 21? - This is because you have an outdated Gepard Sield DLL. - To solve this, just run the patcher to get the latest gepard protection. - If patching didn't solve you. Contact us via discord #support-report Other questions to follow. This should be updated from time-to-time If you have any questions feel free to ask us in discord! https://discord.gg/hAwVgxU
  17. 01-11x12-18 Changelogs

    @Emperador: If you extracted it to a new folder just copy data.grf else read the image below. Read carefully and follow the steps.
  18. 01-11x12-18 Changelogs

    Hi Folks, For this week's maintenance, I have done the following: Increase Gold Drop to 50% (VIP 75%) to all monster. Removed PK to Specific Maps (Gold Maps) - pay_dun04 | yuno_fild02 | yuno_fild07 | yuno_fild08 | yuno_fild09 | lou_fild01 Partial Implementation of Loyalty Points. - Shop Enabled @go woe left side. Please provide feedback Modified KvM to 3v3 instead of 5v5 as suggested. - Cooldown set to 1 minute. (Please confirm) Modification of WoE Schedule and Implementation of WoE 2.0 (SE) - From 21:00-22:00 to 22:00-23:00 - Revised Schedule for WoE 1.0 and WoE 2.0 - Implemented its corresponding Quest! (if you know what I mean) Optimized Old Glast Heim Script - Fixed 2nd level script where monster doesn't spawn if multiple players trigger the On Touch Areas. Added Some Items in Cash Shop - Usable and Others (Partial Only - More to Come. Need feedback) Modified Cash to Zeny Exchange Rate - Made it even with Zeny to Cash at 100k Zeny per 1 CP Partial Fix of Feint Bomb Skill - Mobs will not follow player once at perfect hide state for a specific time. (Still need to optimize the code) Implemented Rune Knight Alternative Costume - For free! LOL. Fixed Item Scripts - Kardui Ears + Tendrilion Card Combo - Reinforced Parts Set - Soft Sheep Hat - Oni Horns Implemented Brasilis Mob Cards - Boitata, Iara and etc. Forgot the other please forgive me. Patches Data Alternate Patch System Patch Others Patch Please update patcher from time to time. Patch will be up. This update is in preparation for big updates to come. Stay tuned! Regards and ROK On!
  19. 01-11x12-18 Changelogs

  20. 01-11x12-18 Changelogs

    Download the client posted on the 01-26-18 Major Changelogs. Then you're good to go.
  21. 01-11x12-18 Changelogs

    Read the latest changelogs. It needs to connect to new client.
  22. Change to the ASPD formula

    I personally like kRO formula cause you really need to build your stats and items for it
  23. Implementation of gears

    If you know how to code the DB @Grethel Weiss it will be faster hehe! But rest assured im working on it.

    Pm me at discord. iAmGnome

    Kelan kayo nag download ng full client?