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  1. Drinna

    PK off on ZENY farming areas

    Suggestion: PK off on selected ZENY farming areas IGN: Drinna Background: suggestion to have some maps have PK features turned off, especially zeny farming areas. I don't think it helps you get players respect each other like how the hourly announcement suggests to us. However you put it, there will always be someone doing PK, and yeah you can justify it by saying, No can do, this is a PK server so put up with it, but clearly it causes inconvenience, trouble and misunderstanding. The recent gold drops increase isn't really helpful at all, unless you put it at the same rate as the treasure box, then your aim to help newbies catch up can be more significant. This is only a suggestion though, but I know some who will agree to this. PROS : 1.) HELP NEWBIES/oldtimers farm zeny peacefully 2.) avoid stressful conversations and trash talk in game 3.) It will help NEWBIES to catch up more. 4.) Less talking, less stress, more players encouraged to stay, more revenue. CONS : 1.) I don't see any cons, perhaps you can help me on this.
  2. Drinna

    Guild Level Event

    Don't know why I can't edit it. here is the revised list. Drinna Solo Guild 1 Drinna 2 Sunflower 3 Alokozay 4 Tissue 5 Clown Alphoccio Card 6 Meena 7 Vinski 8 Freyja 9 xJaihox 10 Pogi 11 LexLoci 12 Mors 13 Doppel 14 Kuroro Ruciful 15 Kabaneri 16 Flicker 17 SpiritLiving 18 Valfreyja