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  1. Guild Level Event

    ALLEGIANCE GUILD Consists of : Shadii xMiax Falcon A k i PanaTe Celestia Codex Francis Rakss M i l l i e Eevee J a y Kasper
  2. Some suggestion

    Suggestion: Adding more items in materials for genetics Background: since there is other materials already there, why not put the others too. Pros: fairness Cons: buying in zeny Suggestion: Changing runes item into material Background: let the rune knight craft it also, or else change gen or gx item material into an item. Pros: so there is effort in making them Cons: buying in zeny Suggestion: Lowering down prices Background: lower down the prices such as quiver or alcohol or any item that is very expensive. alcohol 150k.. maybe cut it a bit into 50k ? Pros: to invite other classes to craft and make the jobs that previous dislike due to expensive material. Cons: none Suggestion: NPC that can make bundle of item in one go Background: Tiresome to click one at a time to craft 1 item, wanna suggest to make an npc that can make.. for example.. 100 acid bottle in one go. ofcourse it need the correct amount of materials Pros: prevent finger broken Cons: npc become rich. Suggestion: MVP invasion Background: having an mvp around 2-5 mvp to invade a town . or basicly open an event that is called mvp invasion that occur 1-3 hours per event.. Pros: to welcome player to try and do some teamwork for the mvp (recommend high tier mvp like kraken n etc) Cons: none Suggestion: Dropable elite pots Background: how about making those pots (white n blue elite pot) dropable as some job like Royalguard or any tanks might need a huge quantity of it for woe or even for PvM Pros: to get more pots, but this one only advantage towards people that farm. Cons: lazy people wont get anything Suggestion: Changing rate of exchange for xmas or increase antonio Background: A few days ago u change the rate to 1:1 instead of 2:1 .. and u increase the antonio to 150 instead of 50... after u revert it back, none really farm those. wanna suggest either to give a day for the same special rate/antonio or change the rate to 1:1 or which i agree more to this.. let the rate be 2:1 but increase the antonio to 150 or 200. (only for a few days cuz xmas day almost over) Pros: encourage player to participate for this event more. cmon its xmas event ^^ Cons: none Suggestion: Mvp Ladder Background: Where player climb to each floor to fight MVP . and yea it gets harder n harder Pros: encourage player to be in a party to fight together to climb those freakin floor with hard mvp. Cons: mvp too stronk. player cant complete Suggestion: WOE rewards Background: comes to my attention that it requires around 25 mins to get the rewards. from my previous experience... what if castle owner blocks the entry which happens to me and prevent the players to get the 25 min timing to stay in a caslte... my suggestion is changing the system into giving the rewards in sort of boxes to guild leaders according to guild counts or lowering down the 25 mins into like 10-15 mins Pros: we want rewards too Cons: none Suggestion: Mvp rank Background: this one is about giving the list of player that kills mvp accordingly. the one that kill the most will get no.1 and no.2 n so on... this depends on the number of kills on mvp.. This one wiill get rewards, for example. top 3 or 5 will get rewards each month. according to the list.. and each month it will get reset. Pros: mvp hard farmer will feel the effort is worth it and people will get motivated to hunt mvp Cons: none Suggestion: disable the respawn of the dead Background: idk if its fixed or not, the dead people that give out those pest bug , respawn after its dead (the mobs) can u perhaps remove the respawn? or is it always like that? Pros: removes pest in map Cons: map too clean Suggestion: more arrow Background: holy and oridecon quivers is missing Pros: more arrow Cons: quiver expensive Suggestion: Add more items in quest Background: adding more headgear , armor or even weapon quest Pros: more variety Cons: dont make it impossible hard Suggestion: improving the current event reward Background: maybe adding and make the reward into 3-5 RTC per game. like the dice and poring event. Pros: increase competitiveness Cons: sad reward, people wont bother. Suggestion : Battleground Background : lowering down the requirement member like instead of 5 vs 5, become 3 vs 3 or change the 10 vs 10 into 7 vs 7 . something like that Pros : People can do BG Cons : Not enough people due to small population Suggestion : Adding optional Hp or SP pots Background :wanna suggest in adding like big bun or korean rice cake or any alternative restoration item ^^ that is not the same effect as a yggdrasil berry. Maybe 5-10% restoration? Pros : more pots! Cons : none Suggestion : Remove the 10 sec restriction when using @go Background : idk whats the point for the delay . better remove it as it doesnt do anything good. Pros: no delay Cons : Got delay , people die ;o (time wasted) Suggestion : Mainchat Background : can restrict to english language? people from other country that does not understand tagalong. dunno what they saying Pros : so we can read Cons : dunno other language. main language global is english Suggestion : Storable coins Background : making the spledide coin and manuk coin or any other coin to be storage able and tradeable Pros : so we can store or trade Cons: none That is all for now, this is just a suggestion thats in my mind. Sorry for my bad english ^^ Cheers, merry Xmas to all. -Shadii-
  3. Hii

    Name: Shadii IGN: King Shadii Location : Brunei Darussalam About Me: Im open to everyone, no racism. love to have fun and love to woe and pretty noob at RO. Nice to meet y'all