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  1. kinioro

    Kvm bg

    Hi everyone how are you? well after a long observation it's easy to say that bg is something nothing motivating here , it's simple people only farm with friends , do his kvm and just never go back again to play some bg , this make a quite dificult for some new players , and now is my suggestion to change this... first one -> put another itens to buy with badges !! how abaut some blacksmith blessings with some kvm points for old players play a new kvm ? or other itens that help all type of players. second sugestion -> alow badges to be in storage... it's kinda boring only play with one class to take all the points . third -> alow to start 2x2 , it's expansive BG when start with 2 player another player come when see started fourth ( based on the last ) -> badges proportional of numbers of player i think 5 badges for player to win ( 10 badges 2x2 - 15 badges 3x3 20 badges 4x4) can improve the number of players and the last is -> one rank that give reward of best bg players..... well give me some feedback if possible , just a sugestion
  2. kinioro

    Brag bug

    nop ... but the effect still working on prontera or payon for an example
  3. kinioro

    Brag bug

    the effect of brag isn't working on bio 5 if possible fix it please