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Grethel Weiss

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    Grethel Weiss
  1. Kvm bg

  2. Changing current WoE to Vanilla WoE

    I agree with this.
  3. Godborne

    Hello everyone! Godborne guild is looking for more people to make a friendly and active community in this fun place, so if you: • Are new to Renewal/This server and wants to learn to play it. • Like to help others, be it a newbie or a veteran. • Love the action and blood from PvP/WoE/BG. • Spend hours farming to get out of noobness. • Or wants to conquest every instance. Then we have a room for you! Why don't you gives us a visit? We'll gladly invite you and your friends to enjoy a fun and caring environment that will be growing more and more. Any applications or info can be posted on this topic~ Also contact me or @qqqjin @Semre And ingame look for Kyujin, Semre or Grethel. See you all in-game!
  4. Instance party

    Hello. Ghost Palace and Airship Assault are solo instances, this means only one person per party can enter. That's why you friend wasn't able to enter. There are some more solo instances that I can't remember, I'd advice you to look for them so this won't happen to you again. Have fun
  5. Do you have what it takes? Class vs Class!

    IGN: Grethel Weiss. Class: Ranger. Schedule: 5:00 am server time, all weekdays except wednesday.
  6. Implementation of gears

    Oh my, thank you! Let me know if I can help you with anything
  7. Change to the ASPD formula

    +1 to this
  8. Suggestion of new equipment

    Idk We should ask Gnome
  9. RG equips and build

    PM me on discord Name: Vatonyx
  10. Suggestion of new equipment

    +1 Crow Tengu Mask is already inplemented
  11. Implementation of gears

    Suggestion: Add gears; Wing Headphones [1] (ID: 5963), Gigantic Helm [1] (ID: 19021), Applause Sandals [1] (ID: 22071). IGN: Grethel Weiss. Background: This might help to make Magic Performers and Cart Termination Mechas more attractive to other/new players, as well as help magic users to gain some DPS. Pros: Will add versatility to many underated classes. Cons: Might make some of them difficult to handle to inexperienced players. Please excuse me if any of the items I mentioned are already implemented.
  12. Hello everyone

    Name: Lynch IGN: Usually Grethel Weiss, Kotone Mizushima or Ciel AnnMarie Location: Mexico About me: I was looking for a fresh server and decided to give Ragnafied a chance. I like to play with female characters. Love competitive RO and grinding~ Hope to see you all in game