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  1. Siegfred failed to rescue me

    YEA! Ragnarok Gods abandoned me with this. Forgot to open it
  2. Siegfred failed to rescue me

    ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS. always check your token before entering an instance.
  3. Fun Run!!

    Fast OGH run with @le_extian, Xander and Hjarn. For inquiries just PM baegogi hahaha!
  4. PVP format

    IGN : Bakonawa / Saber Suggestion : Change request of PVP room from WoE oriented room to Normal PVP room Normal PVP pros : Damage are visible Normal PVP cons : You can attack your guild mate, you can't use WoE pots
  5. The Banquet of Heroes

    YES! we'll get there! looking forward to this GM!!
  6. The Banquet of Heroes

    You might wanna check this 16.1 quest GM http://www.playragnarok.com/news/updatedetail.aspx?id=293
  7. Server 1st Month Celebration

    IGN: Vitality
  8. 11-16-2017 Minor Update

    these are exciting!
  9. Robot's Arm

    Hi there GM, Robot's Arm can't equip with given jobs other than Mechanic.
  10. Guild Level Event

    Dauntless ! ! Taft P u s s y L o v e r Dashingly PUKE Liza Soberano Oreo Belphegor ChysTaL
  11. Share Me Event 2 (Facebook)

  12. Dauntless

    In need of 3-4 new members for Dauntless for the Guild Event, this, to startup your farming and equips in-game. just PM any member of the guild. They are Harmless.
  13. Enchant NPC

    here are additional links GM https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Custom_Headgear_Quests#Headgears
  14. 11-08x09-2017 Changelogs

    loving this update
  15. Enchant NPC

    no worries GM! still looking for some links that can somehow make it less hassle to find.