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  1. Instance party

    Thanks! Yeah so is like Geffen tournament! Great, all solved.
  2. Instance party

    Hello guys! So, yesterday I tried to have fun with my friend in a couple of instance dungeon...For me (party leader) was fine but when my friend tried to go in after me he received different messages saying he can't enter: Airship was saying he can't go back in when he never done the instance. Ghost Palace was saying only the party leader can open the instance but it was already open (and I was waiting for him inside). OGH worked without any problem. This is the first time I have problem with Ghost palace, with airship I always had the same message even with another friend. OGH and Sara's memories never had problem (except survive). My friends tried Hazy, no problem as well. What am I doing wrong? Why sometimes is working and sometimes is not? Hope someone can help me
  3. Hello!

    Hi everyone! I'm so happy that I found this amazing server! I played for many many years (8? 10?) in a couple of high rate before leaving RO (pay 2 win, GM corruption, you know). In 3 weeks playing I found Ragnafied clean, very enjoyable and friendly. You gave me back my youth guys so thank you. I'm playing not competitive, just with my friends in our small guild, same friends who played with me years ago. So...A couple of things about me: I used to have a real name but everyone for the last ten years called me Lozad or Loz so is not important at all. I'm Italian but I left my country 5 years ago and now I live in South UK (Where? Well, same place of PewDiePie. I met him a couple of times and he's very nice!). I think there are 2 classes in RO: Sin and Priest. Other classes for me are no more than urban legends. I'm obsessed with goats. Really, they are the best creation of God. That's why humans gave to Satan a goat form: They were jealous of the goat's magnificence. Ok, I'm starting to look a bit weird so...Nice to meet you! See you in game! (Lozad is back, what a wonderful moment!)