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  1. iamkyujin

    WoE Schedule

    I just posted something about this but I didn't know there's a post here regarding this.
  2. iamkyujin

    WoE Schedule

  3. Suggestion: Diversity of Quest and Cash Shop Items IGN(Optional): *** Background: [Sorry, this will be long] This is to make item acquisition less monotonous. Right now, with how good the items are in the cash shop and most items are from the cash shop, doing most of the instances seem worthless. All players need to do is to farm zeny or sell items to acquire items. It's too one-dimensional which will leave more and more players bored. Having items in cash shop is good but the items in the quest department feels very lackluster. I'm not saying quest items should be customized items (I don't like too much customization, tbh) but it can be official contents that are changed into a quest item instead of a cash shop item. These quest items should also be on par of cash shop items as right now, most (if not, all) items in the quest npc is lacking in power, as stated earlier. Requirements for these quest items can be bulks of the items of the open world mobs, MVPs, from instances, and even from cash shop items. Pros: People will have things to do other than farm those yellow fluffy dragons. This can also encourage newbies to play as they have things to look forward to. Cons: None. (or perhaps, a little (to none) shakeup in the zeny economy, since less people will farm zeny. (which, for the record, I believe, is a good thing))
  4. iamkyujin

    More Slot Enchants (for TSOD)

    Suggestion: Enable Slot Enchant for Thorn Staff of Darkness IGN(Optional): *** Background: We have a slotted Thorn Staff of Darkness in the database (ID 1664) and I believe some other servers as well implemented them in the slot enchant NPC. Pros: Diversity on item choice. Cons: Nothing I can think of.
  5. iamkyujin

    Suggestion: Test Eggs Modifier

    Suggestion: Test Eggs Modifier IGN(Optional): *** Background: It's hard to test actual damage when we can't modify (or we don't even know the properties of) the eggs. Make it so that we can change the eggs race, size, protocol and element. Pros: Obvious reasons. Cons: None.
  6. Suggestion: Nightmare Biolab Trader IGN(Optional): *** Background: It just feels bad to see all these costume and souls lying around. Also, I read somewhere that there's actually a NPC that trades 5 of the same souls into 1 death bin. Perhaps, make it 10 per death bin. As for the costume, make it even as long as 1 RTC for 3~5 costumes. At least, they'll have value (even minimal) other than throwaway items. Pros: No item wasted. Cons: Competition in nightmare biolab.
  7. iamkyujin

    Nightmare Biolab Trader.

    Make something like a costume collector NPC that will trade nightmare biolab costumes for RTC. Even minimal is enough. Like 5 pcs for 1 RTC. It just feels bad to throw them out like nothing. Also, implement the soul collector. I dont know if it was an official content or a custom but I read it somewhere. Basically, it's a NPC that trades 5 same souls into 1 death bin. You can just modify it to be like 10 souls for 1 bin instead. Or again, even RTC. One soul for 1 RTC.
  8. iamkyujin

    Guild Level Event

    Godborne Guild Guild Master Godblade Kyujin Guild Members AJQUIET Katniss Everdeen Semre Tunare Grethel Weiss Additional Members Clarisse Mati Nero Bruno Mars PinHeadLiza Jocx SilverEdge DunmoreStonefist CursedSapphire Isabella PS: This is the updated one. Please ignore the one posted earlier.
  9. iamkyujin

    01-31-18 Changelogs

    I guess WELP for those who farmed KVMs before this change, right? WP GM. WP
  10. iamkyujin

    Guild Level Event

    Godborne Guild Guild Master Godblade Kyujin Guild Members AJQUIET Katniss Everdeen Semre Tunare Cirta Fu Fu Doppel Grethel Weiss Nyanpasu Doppel, Grethel Weiss, and Nyanpasu is not present due to a different time zone. Cirta and Fu Fu has the same IP as they're together.