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  1. le_extian

    Food buff suggestion

    Suggestion: +1 to +10 stats food buff cooldown IGN: Dash / Dashingly / Prae Background: Make different stats food cooldown not affect other food usage (ex. When using +10 str food after +10 agi food, instead of waiting for a minute, usage of different stat food should be immediete. But refreshing of stats food will still have coldown) Pros: less hassle Cons: idk
  2. le_extian

    CP Exchange Rate VS Cash Shop Prices

    I would only agree to numbers 3 and 4. Some items should be questable too like those rideword hat and some lower headgears. And Many of the cash shop items seems to be overpriced like those third job special hats and some costumes. Some cash items have low price too like Fallen Angel Wing.
  3. le_extian

    Limit Guild Members of a Guild

    Suggestion: Limit Guild Members of a Guild IGN(Optional): Dash Background: Since the server population is still small, why not limit the guild member count down to 10 to 15 characters Pros: More fun? Less Dual inside Castle, To have more competition Cons: Low guild members
  4. le_extian

    Server 1st Month Celebration

    IGN: Prae
  5. le_extian

    Add more instances

    Add more instances and quest like the rock ridge quests, nightmare gitterbug, bios island and more, please?
  6. le_extian

    Max Level Event

    IGN: Jascy