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  1. oddvisuals

    Hosting Problem

    Okay Gm! I hope all is well~
  2. oddvisuals

    11-08x09-2017 Changelogs

    Thanks for this,, Best update yet~
  3. oddvisuals

    Lower the Drop Rate Penalty

    ya it can be a pain to some default 90-100% drop rate Items ( eg Immortal Heart ) , but then this server has naturally higher drop rates, so i think it would be only fair to only reduce it a little bit , so we can actually feel the servers legit drop rates XD.
  4. oddvisuals

    CASH to ZENY

    $ CASH POINTS to ZENY This should have been implemented together with the Zeny to Cash NPC. but no one was able to point out though lol . U N L E S S you allow an NPC to convert a certain amount of Cash points to a Tradable ITEM (which can be reverted back to points) and can traded to Zeny form with the players to decide. which can potentially be the ITEM currency of the game. Id love to see this included in game! I don't see anything wrong with it~ rather, it allows better transactions to players.
  5. oddvisuals

    Lower the Drop Rate Penalty

    Hi , i don't think a lot of people are aware of this but. The penalty can a pain and hard for max level chars sometimes. i mean its possible to eliminate it by using a lower char but then taxing only allows 50%. i'm against removing the drop rate penalty though, but i'd appreciate it if its lowered. or if the level window for the penalty is raised a little bit.
  6. oddvisuals

    Add chance to obtain cash point item!

    1m is too big for 10 cash points. id go for 30 cash points i mean , 33m for 1k cash points seems like a good way for people to value zeny.
  7. oddvisuals

    Identifier NPC

    Thanks for this GM
  8. oddvisuals

    Random Shots

    Weird. Dorametic
  9. oddvisuals

    Daily rewards!

    I heard there were plans of implementing Rewards for being active like hourly!~
  10. oddvisuals

    More items for cash shop! (v1)

    Loving all of these! like seriously! but i think we are going too fast. id like to see this implemented soon though!
  11. oddvisuals

    Add chance to obtain cash point item!

    ya , we need some sort of currency aside from zeny. +1 to the idea of droppable cash points in some sort of way but id go for 0.50 chance
  12. oddvisuals

    @jump and @load

    Ya ! I second the motion , it would be convenient for jumping to coordinates!
  13. oddvisuals

    Guild Level Event

    Great! my guilds already at 48! anyone wants to join? already at 2 members! Drop Rainbow a pm! if this helps - you can get you're own nickname! or choose from my current ones all about food! Guild Master: Rainbow Members: Primo Adlet Kulits Rayda ThreeSixMan LuckyMeBeef ProfileSpotter TANGINA Agastya Insane Wizard Space