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  1. Millicent

    Class Specific Headgears

    i already suggested the cash shop ones D: http://board.ragnafied.net/index.php?/topic/30-more-items-for-cash-shop-v1/&tab=comments
  2. Millicent

    MVP catch-up system

    bump for visibility, need more votes
  3. Millicent

    add bloody branches!

    suggestion: add bloody branches with different methods to obtain! ign: millicent background: could be like, trading in like 300 dead branches, or paying 80m, or for 800 cash. pros: easier access to MVPs, it will be SLIGHTLY less difficult to get the server first mvp card cons: easier access to MVPs
  4. Millicent

    Restock Commands

    i'm confused too, do you mean opening a shop with ammo or something?
  5. Millicent

    God Items

    i disagree, god items are super hard to get to begin with, they're an actual goal to pursue, it gives a reason for guilds to actually take castles, and even with a lot of effort you'll get "one" item on "one" member plus i think pile bunker p is better than mjolnir, variants to the same as sleipnir, pendants of maelstrom with gold scaraba are better than megingjard and brisingamen just plain sucks we're talking about 1.0 woe god items anyways, pre-renewal stuff that was op back then but now it's mostly just on-par with other items, only item i could see any use would be mjolnir
  6. Millicent

    Limit Guild Members of a Guild

    i was gonna vote 10-14 and give my input about it but holy crap EVERYONE voted 10-14 i'd like to have many small guilds fight against each other, that would be a fun shitshow
  7. Millicent


    squirrels are cute and fast and fluffy and small and super innocent and they care for each other and they're also smart and they sometimes forget where they bury their nuts they're perfect
  8. Millicent

    Pororoca Shoes

    not to mention you cant cast anything else until all the 25 water balls come out, and this makes you a sitting duck in pvp also super novice can use these boots, i vouch for this suggestion
  9. Millicent


    suggestion: add the @gstorage command ign: millicent background: to share items with guild members more readily pros: storage already exists, gstorage would make life easier cons: same function as storage, needs to be premium command
  10. Millicent

    Server 1st Month Celebration

    ign: Eventicent original name
  11. Millicent

    Enchant Slotted Temporal Boots

    Suggestion: make the slotted temporal boots enchantable too IGN(Optional): Millicent Background: because getting the correct enchants and then breaking when trying to slot is VERY frustrating (and also because other servers have it) pros: less rage cons: easier to get enchanted slotted temp boots
  12. Millicent

    Healer NPC Cooldown

    @iAmGnome™the fix for this is making the healer heal you "after" casting agi/bless i think
  13. Millicent

    Guild Level Event

    here's my entry 22 days late Canard guild: Millicent Hy Nova Culo Peluo Maddoxx Anais Aisha Zealot TooSexyy SupremoLegolas
  14. Millicent

    MVP catch-up system

    hi! i came up with a great idea - sorry for not following format but this one is complicated what if we make a catch-up system with MVP cards so newer players arent ever left behind? i was thinking we keep the first card with a 0.01% drop rate, but once the first MVP card in the server is obtained, the overall MVP card drop rate increases (poll to decide how much) this would make it so when a guild gets a mvp card, instead of permanently becoming the dominating force of the server, other players still have a hope of getting their own mvp card to fight against them! oh and, about miniboss cards, it would be cool if they match the mvp card drop rate example: ghostring card: 0.01% atroce card: 0.01% player x obtained an eddga card! new drop rates: ghostring card: 0.02% atroce card: 0.02% obtaining a miniboss card would not change these drop rates, as they are way easier to obtain. my ideas for the rate increases would be: (after first card obtained) increase drop rates from 0.01 to 0.1, and then 0.19, 0.27, 0.34, 0.40, 0.45, 0.49, 0.52, 0.54, 0.55, 0.56, 0.57, etc. (this would be the best "catch up" method in my opinion) increase drop rates statically by 0.05% (0.01, 0.06, 0.11, 0.16, 0.21, 0.26) (this would help with the catch up too, but in a less violent way) increase drop rates by 0.01% (0.01, 0.02, 0.03, 0.04) (this would help in the long run, but with not too much immediate impact) all these methods however, should cap at 1% (or maybe 3%?) to keep mvp cards rare please vote on the poll and leave your opinion!
  15. Millicent


    hi i'm a decent ragnarok player my real name is a secret my location too but i can tell you this: i like squirrels