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  1. dhirgoth

    Card Exchange NPC

    Good idea, but there should be some restrictions on it. First of all, all of the cards from MCAs (or al leasts most of them) drop 0,01% of the time -even the hated TOAD CARD- from the monster. So in that part there should be a balance in price MCAs Vs Points. Secondly, from OCAs also some cards are dropped by a 0,01% chance, like thanatos cards or thor volcano's ones. There should be another balancing there, price/points wise. Now, about what you get from that npc should also be price balanced or restricted in a way to avoid abuse. My take on the points matter is very similar to what you said. Perhaps it should have a fixed exchange point for normal cards (Most cards)[1 Point], then one from unusual cards (Most from MCAs and the rare from OCAs)[100 Points], and other for those that truly are hard to get (Those that truly drop 0,01% and are not easy to get) [1000 Points]. Then take RTCs as a Neutral Value: 1 RTC = 20 Cash Points And the exchange for one MCA in RTC value: 1 MCA = 300 Cash Points = 15 RTC As you shouldn't receive the same amount you spent on the original item you should get less so if most cards from MCAs are valued 100 points, then lets say you can receive around ~10% of the value back. Then the NPC could exchange like this: 1 Toad Card = 100 Points 75 Card Points = 1 RTC Or around those values. (Just as an example) But yeah, overall I like the idea and like most of us, I also have countless useless cards on my inventory daily, and if they were worth anything it would be nice hahaha.
  2. dhirgoth

    Well-Chewed Pencil

    I aprove of this, I thought it buying one but it was so little the bonus that I didn't. A +3% hit would be a huge help for physical builds that have trouble fighting high flee enemies.
  3. Suggestion: More Hats and Costumes, because, why not? Suggestions For Cash Shop Equipment: #Upper #18550 - Asgard Blessing[1] - A defensive Upper Headgear. +2 All Stats, Resistance +5% against all elements, 1% Hp regen every ten seconds. (Around 2000~3000 cp should be fine as it doesn't have any bonus with refinement so is just that) #18541 - Little Feather Hat[1] - An Offesive Upper Headgear. +2 Dex. Increases critical damage by 10%. (It works with a set as written in https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/18541, but our db didn't say that from what i saw, it might be there, but no idea. Even if it doesn't work with the set it might encourage the use of other builds ingame, in this case a critical one. 2000~3000+ cp should be fine) #18542 - Benevolent Guardian[1] - A Upper-Middle Headgear for Support. Increases received Healing by 5%. Increases effectiveness of own healing skills by 2%. If refined to +7, increases healing skills effectiveness by another 3%. Combo with healing staff, 1% increase in healing skills by refine of the staff. Combo with Holy Stick[1], 3% increase in healing skills by refine of the staff. (This one seems a little bit better with the combos, if not, it is worse than the Yggdrasil gear already in the cash shop, besides it uses a space on middle. Around 1000+ cp) #18569 - Soft Sheep Hat - A Defensive Upper Headgear. mHP +1%, every refine increases it by an extra 1%. If refined to +10 or higher, increases experience gained by 5%. (Useful for tanking and doesn't have a slot. 3000 cp? Not sure) #18572 - Korean Judge Hat[1] - An Offensive Headgear. Mdef +2. Variable casting -6%. Aspd +6%. If refined +7 or more, reduces damage from demihuman by 2%. If Swordman/Merchant/Thief/Monk/Taekwon, every two refine levels give +1% ATK. If Mage/Acolyte/Soul Linker/Ninja, every two refine levels give +1% MATK. If Archer/Gunslinger, every refine level gives +1% long range physical attack. (A weaker version of the Ancient Gold Decoration from biolabs, unless hyper refined. Around 5000+ cp should be fine) #Middle #5592 - Sigrun's Wings - A general purpose (like Adventurer's Backpack) Middle Headgear. Swordman/Merchant/Thief, +1 aspd. Mage/Acolyte/Ninja/Soul Linker, +5 MATK, +2% Healing. Archer/Gunslinger, +2% Long Range ATK Novice/Super Novice, mHP +120, mSP +60. (I would guess that 3000+ cp might be fine, as it work for most characters and it would probably be popular as an option for Middle as we don't have things much better) #5788 - 3D Glasses - A Defensive Middle Headgear. Increase magical damage inflicted on Formless monster by 4%. Increase resistance against Neutral property attack by 5%. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rW4gmbhJIM , ehm, yeah, good for tanking and surviving in pve. 2000+ cp should be fine) #5786 - Ancient Elven Ear - General Offensive Middle Headgear. LUK + 1, MaxHP + 100, MaxSP +30. If combines with 'Romantic Flower', MATK +1%. If combines with 'Romantic Leaf', ATK +1%. (Pretty much a cheap version of an attack middle-lower combo headgears. ~1000 cp or less) #19087 - Angel Spirit[1] - A Physical Offensive Middle Headgear. Hit +8, Str+1. (Basically an Angel Spirit with slot, not any more deeper than that. Around 4000 cp?) #5471 - Hairband Of Reginleif - A Defensive Middle Headgear. Gives 3% Resistance to Water, Fire, Undead and Ghost. (Not that good, but looks nice. Around 1000+ cp should work) #5800 - Blush of Groom - A Defensive Middle Headgear. Reduces damage from DemiHuman monster by 3%. (Pretty straight forward pvp focused defensive middle headgear. Not the best thing out there. Around the same price as the Pipe and Handkerchief in mouth, or cheaper) #Lower #18505 - Umbala Spirit - A defensive Lower Headgear. +1% mHP. Increases the recovery rate of Meat by 25%. Has a chance of dropping Meat when defeating monsters. (Nice for tanking, around 2000 cp would be ideal) #5462 - Spiked Scarf - A Offensive Lower Headgear. Vit +1. Reduces damage from demi-human monsters by 1% and increases damage against them by 1% (https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/5462 divine's db says that, but ours say +30 ATK, -2% mHP, no idea what to do here, really xd) #18564 - Love Piece - A supportive Lower Headgear. Increases cost of SP by 15%. The user casting cannot be interrupted outside of WoE. (Nice for pve and it uses a slot in gear usually free. 4000+ cp IMO or more.) #18566 - Nut Donut In Mouth - A general Offensive Lower Headgear. Gives +5 in ATK and MATK. (That's all, it should have a price around the same as the Gangster Scarf and the like) #5548 - Scarlet Rose - A General Offensive Lower Headgear. ATK +1%, MATK +1%, MaxSP +30. (It should go a little cheaper than Gangster Scarf as it is AddClass, but good nonetheless.) ##Might be too much: #18508 - Garuda Hat[1] - A stronger defensive/general Upper Headgear. Luk +5, Mdef+3, Resistance +5% against all elements, Hit+10, Reduces Casting Delay by 5%. If refined +7 or more, it drops Mastela Fruits ._. (Although the refinement bonus is underwhelming, its base bonuses are pretty good and because of that it probably should go in the range of 5000+ cp if implemented) #18536 - Foxtail - A strong Offensive Lower Headgear. MATK +10. All fixed casting reduce 0.1sec. (As it can be guessed, 0.1sec is a lot. It might be an option, but it might be too much. Probably 6000+ cp if implemented) #18563 - Heart Wing Hairband[1] - A powerful General use Upper Headgear. Skill delay -5%, SP comsuption -10% Skill delay and SP comsuption -3% for every 3 refining levels. (Not much to explain here, I like the Sp reduction, that's not too much, but the lower skill delay might be really too much on the other side. No idea, what to say here, a chillion cp) Costume: #20380 - Costume: Mechanical Feather Hairband [Upper] (Around 3000 cp) #20316 - Costume: Seraph Wing Helm [Upper] (Around 3500 cp) #31160 - Costume: Rune Helm [Upper] (Around 3500 cp) #31137 - Costume: Blue Rose Ornament [Upper] (Around 3000 cp) #31136 - Costume: Clock Casket [Upper] (Around 3000 cp) #31123 - Costume: Ghostring Tall Hat [Upper] (Around 3500 cp) #31120 - Costume: Vampire Familiar [Middle] (Around 3000 cp) #31118 - Costume: Assassin Skull Mask [Middle, Lower] (Around 2000 cp) #31087 - Costume: Dwarf Beard [Lower] (Around 1000 cp, just for fun xd) #31057 - Costume: Eremes' Scarf (Black Version) [Lower] (Around 3000 cp) #20440 - Costume: Tone Of Gold [Lower] (Around 3000 cp) Suggestions For Quest Shop: Gear: #5383 - Hunting Cap[1] - An Offensive Upper Headgear. Luk +1, Increases damage against Brute Race +10%, Increases damage against Demihuman race +5% 300 Animal Skin, 200 Black Bear Skin, 100 Leopard Skin, 5 Beret #5447 - Frog Hat - An Offensive Upper Headgear. Mdef +1, Increases physical and Magical damage against Insect monsters by 12% 20 Roda Frog Card, 10 Thara Frog Card, 300 Wing of Dragonfly, 300 Bug Leg Costume: #20204 - Costume Hunter/Hunting Cap (Costume version of #5383 if the Gear to Costume isn't fixed in the near future) The quest might be the same as for the Gear version Hunting Cap. #20206 - Costume: Chicken Hat It is absolutely ridiculous looking and uses the three headgear slots, i want it 300 Feather of Birds, 300 Feather, 200 Peco Peco Feather, Cap [1] #31053 - Costume: Drooping Eddga 5 Tiger Skin, 400 Black Bear Skin, 400 Bear's Footskin, 10 Marionette Doll ##Might be too much: #18555 - General Helmet[1] - General PvM hat with a twist. Mdef +3. Increases physical and magical damage against Dragon monsters by 5%. Decreases damage from Dragon monsters by 5%. Gives 0,02% chance of dragon monster dropping a Treasure box. (10% in our server) (It might help popularize other maps for farming, but it also might be a lot, no idea here) 2000 Blue Bijou, 1000 Yellow Bijou, 1000 Dragon Scale, 50 Gold Acidus Card, 50 Blue Acidus Card (4100 Weight) Personal Opinion: Well, there might be very few implementation from all of these, but the ones I want the most are #18550[Asgard Blessing] and #20204[Costume Hunting Cap], I REALLY want them xd. So yeah, I won't be impartial regarding those, I vote for those; and Sigrun's Wings are in a close third place. Pros: More to choose and options for other builds. Cons: Maybe price? With the exception of those that I wrote in "Might be too much" categories, the rest is pretty mild. There might be other cons that can be talked in the comments, I'm too sleepy to make it into a poll. Just comment and whatever.
  4. dhirgoth

    Level Discussion

    I agree with it being tedious, perhaps make it that up to 99 you can skip level and then, after that, with single level up as you still don't power level that much unless you kill mvps. Anyway, not really a fan of single level ups really, but if it generates errors it might be a good implementation. Nonetheless, what about the achievement system? Jumping levels might generate an error in it, but is it possible to find the error and fix it? Perhaps a way to refresh the achievements so far once you hit lv175 or a concrete way for it to recognize your character stats or level, i don't know if that's even possible really, but it might work if possible.
  5. dhirgoth

    PVP Teleporter NPC

    Suggestion: To have in prontera a PVP Teleporter NPC IGN: Hy Nova | Hjarnborg Background: As we know, the server is PK, meaning that all the maps (except towns) are pvp areas. But we also know that in towns is where we duel the most and some sets do not work in town, eg. Siege Set. So it leaves us with the need to teleport to other maps, like prt_fild08 50 50 or jupe_ele, to test our full sets. So I propose that in town there could be an NPC that lets you teleport to a PVP arena, a PVP map or something like that. It doesn't have to be a new NPC, it could be the usual warper that lets you go to a map that has PVP restrictions, therefore NO @warp around nor @jump, among other stuff, and hopefully an NPC to return to town (I went to the official PVP maps the other day and I was trapped there xd) Pros: We could all have a place to test our skills, ability, sets, etc., one click away. A place were people that long for a battle could gather to fight easily. Cons: I can't really think of a con as it seems natural for there to be one. If you have one, please elaborate. Comments: This might not even be necessary as most maps are PVP, but if we have a main place to gather I feel that it might just work better. If this is implemente perhaps there could be a variety of PVP zones like in the official servers, like non rebirth maps, 3rd classes, etc. (things that actually exist on our server but aren't used. Mainly what I hope with this is that this kind of place becomes more popular and easy to access. Please, if you agree with this but think that it lacks something or you believe it should be different, more/less restrictions, etc. write it down below.
  6. dhirgoth

    Cash to RTC NPC

    As it doesn't let me edit the topic I'll continue here: Comments: What it does actually do that I can see is that it hightens the value of RTC, so perhaps it would mean more people farming them, therefore, more active players?? But what I do know, is that it is something that we should see as a viable option for the future, perhaps not now, but it might actually work in the server's favor at some moment.
  7. dhirgoth

    Cash to RTC NPC

    Suggestion: To have an NPC that changes cash into RTC [Ragnafied Trading Card]. IGN: Hy Nova | Hjarnborg Background: As I've been playing I have seen people exchanging objects for RTC instead of zeny, because of how easy is to get zeny once you're 175 it has devaluated and cash has become more important as you need to buy some things from the cash shop, either hats or anything else. Pros: It would be an easier way to exchange Cash instead of farming forever for RTC and saving them to eventually -maybe- use them. Cons: It might sound like a nice idea, but even though I'm not economist I think there might be people that would try to exploit it in some way. I have no idea how, but people is creative. Comments: It doesn't have to be a direct "20 cash equal 1 RTC", perhaps it could be a different value, like 25, 22, 21 cash to 1 RTC, that way it is implied that RTC are for exchanging for cash and not the other way. Although I feel that would highten even more the worth cash has on the server, it might be good or it may be bad, that's why it is only a suggestion. Having a bigger cash point to RTC would probably help in giving Cash points a more concrete value, thus promoting the use of cash and donation, it wouldn't make it necessary as this server would still be free to play and not pay to win, but it would help consolidate donations a little bit more, no idea; I'm no economist, I reiterate that, just saying that what I have proposed might actually not work. Perhaps someone already commented on this and I didn't see it xd.
  8. dhirgoth

    Server 1st Month Celebration

    IGN: Aren Aldar