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  1. Rose

    Siegfred failed to rescue me

    Happened to me too! I feel you bro
  2. Rose

    Double Attack Criticals

    @iAmGnome™ +1 to this. We need Crit GX builds!
  3. Rose

    Restock Commands

    Suggestion: Add @restock commands Background: For easy restocking of ammunitions and usables in the inventory. Pros: No more overweight and obese Characters Cons: Less need for Gym passes
  4. Rose

    Healer NPC Cooldown

    Suggestion: Lessen or remove the cooldown for Healer NPC IGN(Optional): Rose Background: Because Blessing gives +10 int and increase agi uses up HP. It leaves the HP bar and SP bar on about 95% which is not full. and It is so unsatisfying to look at. Pros: Full HP and SP before you go to battle, No more wasting 1 potion. Cons: No idea What bad does it do?
  5. Suggestion: Costume Headgears in Quest NPC and Cash Shop IGN(Optional): Rose Background: I would like to suggest adding these costume headgears in Quest NPC Balloon Hat ID:20277 Quest Items: 350 feather, 150 soft feather, 200 Red Feather, 200 Blue Feather, 50 pcs soft silk. Scooter Hat ID:19957 Quest Items: 400pcs Steel, 200 Iron, 1 Safety Helmet ID:5009, 1 Goggles [1] ID:2225. Rasta Wig ID:5571 Quest Items: 400 Green Herb(If you know what i mean. ), 400 Black Hair, 20 Black Dyestuffs. Baby Dragon Hat ID:5531 Quest Items: 200 Dragon canine, 200 Dragon tail, 1000 Dragon Scale, 500 Green Bijou, 1 Draco Card. Frog King Hat ID: 5528 Quest Items: 500 spawn, 30 thara frog card, 30 roda frog card, 1 Coronet ID:2249 ( I Would love to see these on the CASH SHOP) Duneyrr Helm ID:20164 Nydhoggur's Wig ID:31149 Sword Master Crown ID:20036 Blue Night Cap ID: 5506 (I would love to see Different Colors of this. IF POSSIBLE ) Black Tail Ribbon ID:5765 Flying Evil Wings ID:5376 Pros: More Headgears!!! beacause, WHY NOT?! Cons: IDK if there is.
  6. Rose


    Name: Confidential IGN: Rose, Nameless Assassin R Location: In front of my computer. About Me: I like food. Do you?
  7. Rose

    Server 1st Month Celebration

    IGN: Rose Colored Boy