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  1. monkaS

    CP Exchange Rate VS Cash Shop Prices

    i can easily agree with some of 3 and with 4. rideword hat at 400m feels a little too much without alternatives provided, and that's just one of them that i can think of from the top of my head. quests alternatives for some zeny will be great to introduce other methods of earning zeny instead of cramping players into a few maps for "most efficient farming" plus pk nature of non-town maps could have some impact on this as well.
  2. monkaS

    PVP format

    don't think it will prevent use of siege potions, it works in both pvp and gvg flagged maps from what i remember so not to worry. maybe we can just add another room with pvp flag. gvg rooms can be useful for testing damage in woe context.
  3. monkaS

    Imuke shield

    oh, looks like i might have misread that part. even so, seems very strong. the interaction between magic and ranged reduction should be tested first, since that is probably the biggest deal breaker. i can also see the shield becoming bis since 35% ranged is a lot of reductions and very generic compared to valk and immune shields.
  4. monkaS

    God Items

    one alternative is have half megs (+20 str, +3 mdef) which is a lot more bearable. making god items more accessible could be interesting as well, bringing more gear versatility and options. forgot to mention bryn, sure it's nice to have no knockback but in pvp, that lack of armor card slot is costly due to lack of status/elemental resistance or even basic demi/range reductions from Siege armors
  5. monkaS

    God Items

    i think most of the concern lies with Megs rather than the other god items. the god items in general aren't that powerful anymore in pvp as you will be sacrificing core pieces of gear to use them. Sleipnir's not worth compared to Temporals. Asprika's a huge tradeoff vs Siege garment or GSS and you lose a card slot. Brys are OK, since they are purely for some stats which are more like alternatives for stat dependent classes. Mjolnir's very niche and it's mostly for the +50 dex. issue with Megs are +75 str at 175 (40 base, str per 5 base levels) which x2 gives +150 str. that's a lot of damage.
  6. monkaS

    Imuke shield

    that looks very broken, 35% at +9, 70% with Horn, 80% with Noxious, easily hits 90-100% with additional gears and cards. it's very strong in both pvp and pvm. more importantly, it should be tested if magic is being reduced by ranged reductions (some servers still have that). if magic damage is reduced by ranged reductions (have 2 shields, 1 with horn, 1 without is the easiest way to test), then this shield should not be considered as it will make RG stupid strong as it will negate majority of all potential ranged skills and they have innate reflect against meele. won't be able to test it personally since i'll be out of town for a few days