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  1. This post is about all things zenies and cash points, hence it affects everyone. (gonna be a long read...don't say I didn't warn you ) Among my friends and I, we think that the current 100k == 1CP is a little steep for the exchange rate. Furthermore, some of the gears are a little too overpriced i.e. rideword hat @4k, class headgears @8k, costumes @3k (mehh ) For some of us with real life commitments, it does take us awhile to farm that ~300m for a gear. Even though our community is small and there is no overcrowding of thanatos tower to farm our zenies currently. However,this setting would not be sustainable in the long run. - Thanatos tower maps are small - This leads to sharing of maps + PK = challenging/frustrating zenies farm spanning for long hours - This problem would get worse with more players Some suggestions to ease the difficulty of getting Cash Shop items in game: 1. Have a lower and floating currency rate This was an interesting concept that I came across playing on a previous server, where the exchange rate for zenies -> CP is dynamic. Hence, giving players a choice to decide on how desperate they are in getting an item from the Cash Shop. - Floating rates suggested: 50k - 100k (arguably 30k - 50k but I'm not sure if this is ideal) - To make coding easy, maybe a Random Number Generator can be attached to the NPC for the given range. Instead of having an exchange rate based on the number of players online, as our community is too small for this to be implemented. This caters for people who find farming for long hours therapeutic. 2. Have more maps/activities/quests that players can engage in to get zenies Due to the likelihood of overcrowding thanatos tower over time, the server has to cater other means in order for players to obtain zenies comfortably. - Hourly turn in quests: Players are to fulfill the NPC requests hourly by turning in the required number of materials (Quantity must be large enough that it takes at least 15-20 mins to obtain). Rewards: 10-30m maybe? Possible restrictions: one turn in per account per hour? This works well for players who don't have the luxury of time to grind for long hours, but yet they can get some zenies with minimal effort. - BG/KvM Matches giving players zenies for participation (total 6 rounds): Winners get 50m each round, Losers get 25m each round. - Zeny rewards can be adjusted based on player count for the participation. This encourages BG participation which would help in WoE attendance. WoE is crucial for every server's survival too. 3. Adjust the prices of some of the Cash Shop items This is one of the easiest to implement among all the suggestions. Farming 800m for a class headgear takes insane amount of time, especially when some of the headgears are not that OP/game breaking. - Cap of class headgears to 4k CP. Non-OP headgears can be around 2.5k to 3k - Essential gears like Rideword Hat, Bloodsucker, Well-chewed pencil, WoE-oriented Gears: 1.5k to 2k - Costumes (debatable): 2k -- This is a key aspect for server donations - Safe refines can still remain at its high prices as it is guaranteed refines "I will leave this portion to the community and Gnome to come to a common consensus on fixing benchmark prices for various gears/usables" P.S. You need players to be actively playing instead of actively farming. Low rates exist for grind lovers. 4. Make some of the Cash Shop items questable This serves as an alternative for Essential gears that are available in the Cash Shop. -Quests can be added for some of the Essential gears. Common ones being the Rideword Hat... Please add on for the gears you would like to be craftable Please share your opinions on this. After all, we are all looking for that one server where we can chillax with friends and have fun together. Without your contributions and feedback, it would be hard for the server to grow and sustain. And once again, no bashing of ideas and profanities SORRY FOR THE LONG POST!
  2. jelliez

    Sarah's Memories Instance

    It would be a hassle for non-premium/non high str classes, since they have to carry kafra cards. In general, changing food items to weight 1 benefits everyone, not just in sarah's memories. It can be extended to every food item.. and other heavy weight usables.
  3. jelliez

    Zoom Restriction

    +999999999 I don't need maps to be in my face, tilted at an awkward angle, with restricted zoom and rotation
  4. jelliez

    Level Discussion

    No, I'm not in favor for this change as it results in unnecessary negative impacts on the server. Reasons are as follows: 1. As the earlier replies have stated, it is very tedious to level our characters level by level This simply boils down to the reason why we choose to play a high rate server instead of any other low/mid rate server. (mainly we don't have the luxury of time to grind and farm all day long). And we hardly have any high rate renewal server that survives the test of time. By introducing elements of grinding, it really takes away the appeal of playing on a high rate server. And to be honest, the crux of playing ro isn't about the leveling process...please kindly don't make it more painful. 2. It reflects badly on the overall coding/bug fixes you choose to adopt By having the primary reason as not getting certain achievements/Enhanced Evil Snake Lord Hat for this quick fix is not gonna cut it. It reflects very poorly on how bugs are fixed. And as brought up in the previous response, why not fix the achievement system instead of haphazardly picking a work around the bug... A refresh of the achievement at max level is a good suggestion. Or if possible, make achievements work independently. Such that you still get the Evil Snake Lord hat at 175 regardless of the other achievements you have missed out. 3. Is the level up achievement rewards/titles really that important? This is a minor point to sum it all up. Because in retrospect, when at max level coupled with this server's decent rates for farming items (gears/cards etc), there is really not much use for an Evil Snake Lord Hat at level 175 (maybe at 99). To some of us, the item just becomes "an achievement unlocked item". I'm sure someday we will find a use for it, but most of the time, it's just gonna be sitting in storage. TLDR: Removing multi-level just to fix an error in the achievement system is not worth the can of worms it is gonna open as a result of it.