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01-26-18 Major Changelogs

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Hi Folks,

For this week maintenance, I have done the following:

Platform Update

  1. Migrated Server to US West Zone (From US Central Zone)
    - This will give better latency to Asia Region.

Core Update

  1. Integrated to Gepard Shield Protection
    - This is a big leap for the server to prevent 3PP Apps & Bots.
    - Please be advised that your Anti-Virus can detect this as a malware or a threat. Please give exceptions!
  2. Client Update
    - Since the client has been integrated with Gepard Protection, there is a major change also in client.
    - Client can now be open as stand alone without patcher. Just run/open "ragnafied.exe"
    - Enabled Guild/Clan Invite/Create or vice versa via default client.
    - Extended the Chat for PM, General.

Server Update

  1. Custom Implementation of Nightmare Lighthalzen Bio Laboratory
    - The implementation is for mobs, old items and cards!
    - From time to time, mobs will be updated to its currently skill placeholder.
    - Enchant is not implemented since I have no information with it yet.
  2. Added all Phantasmagorika Card to all Mobs
    - Charleston instance mob card are now implemented.
  3. Updated Morse Cave Instance
    - It should now give Heroic Token or Token of Hero (Forgot the name)
    - And some script modification
  4. Added Moro Cave Merchant
    - Heroic Ring or Hero Ring can now be exchange for 30 Tokens.
    - You can also enchant the Ring via the enchanter.
  5. Re-implemented Headgear/Manteau to Costume 
    - The clown is back at Prontera near Lottie.
    - He will convert all your headgear to costume for 100 million zeny.
    - While costume to headgear is 10 million zeny. (Only items that has "Costume" can be converted)
  6. Added @pk command for VIP Players
    - This command will let you disable PK mode on all maps.
    - This command can only be used in town maps.
  7. Lotti Girl Grand & Special Prize has been updated
    - See for yourself!
    - Suspense :D
  8. Modified Blacksmith's Blessing
    - BB can now be used in upgrading Weapon from +12 to +15
    - For more details check in-game description.
  9. Added new items for Loyalty Points Shop
    - Added Sealed Cards in Loyalty Point Shop! (Yes it is indeed sealed cards)
  10. Added WoE Points Shop 2
    - Foods and some useful items.
  11. Added KoE Points Shop
    - Foods and Hero Items
  12. Updated Pile Bunker Upgrade NPC
    - You can upgrade Pile Bunker now at 50% Success Rate!
  13. Increased Homunculus Intimacy
    - From 10x to 50x!
  14. Rescheduled WoE Period
    - Schedule is now back at original @ 21:00 - 22:00 Server Time. It's still T TH S S!
    - 2 Castle per Weekdays, 1 per Weekend.
  15. Added some new items in Cash Shop
    - Suggested items and more to come!
  16. Item DB Update
    - Some item bug fixes and in preparation to something new.

Important Notice:

P.S. If you use your old client you won't be able to connect. If there's something I forgot, I will update this thread.

ROK On! Thank you for waiting! Thanks for the support! Invite your friends! Be part of the growing community!

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