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Do you have what it takes? Class vs Class!

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iAmGnome™    91

Hi Folks,

Since almost everyone has their gears prepared and can go online let's have an event that will test your skills both hand and eye coordination! Also this will test your knowledge about renewal system!

Event Information
Name: Kings of Class
Details: It's a 1 on 1 PvP event that is basically a battle of same class! (e.g. Sura vs Sura)
When: TBD (Comment also your schedule via reply)
Limitation: No outside buffs, only class buffs and foods/potions

  1. Register here on by replying the following: *
    IGN: iAmGnome
    Class: Rune Knight (RK)
    Available Schedule for the Event
    (Multiple registration are allowed as long as it is in different Class)
  2. Be online 5 minutes before the said event

Event Prize:

  • Champion (Per Class)
    - 1 Champion Costume (This would mark them as Champions)
  • Participants (The fallen heroes) - **
    - 1+ 9 Weapon Refine Certificate
    - 1 +9 Armor Refine Certificate
    - 50 RTC (1k Cash Points)
    - 1 Costume Item of their Choice
    - 20 War Badge (KvM Badge)

*A player can register multiple Class as long as he/she have what it takes to become the Champion. (Please only reply once with all the class you wish to participate)
**Reward for participants (The fallen heroes) will only be once. If you registered for multiple Class, then you will only receive one if you lose to all.

Note: Only reply here for registration for further question via chatbox or discord.

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Arthur    1

IGN: Mademoiselle

Class: Royal Guard

Schedule: 19:00 Server Time (please do advice me ahead of time/day whenever i've got a match. Ping me at discord Gnome thanks :D)

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uRich    0


Class: Warlock

Schedule: weekend 04:00 server time

Edited by uRich

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iamkyujin    1



IGN: Godchemist Kyujin

Class: Genetic


IGN: Godblade Kyujin

Class: Guillotine Cross


IGN: Godslayer Kyujin

Class: Shadow Chaser


IGN: Godmagus Kyujin

Class: Warlock


IGN: Kyujinnie

Class: Summoner


IGN: Kyujin

Class: Sorcerer

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