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Diversity of Quest and Cash Shop Items

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Posted (edited)
Suggestion: Diversity of Quest and Cash Shop Items

IGN(Optional): ***

Background: [Sorry, this will be long]
This is to make item acquisition less monotonous. Right now, with how good the items are in the cash shop
and most items are from the cash shop, doing most of the instances seem worthless. All players need to do is
to farm zeny or sell items to acquire items. It's too one-dimensional which will leave more and more players
bored. Having items in cash shop is good but the items in the quest department feels very lackluster.
I'm not saying quest items should be customized items (I don't like too much customization, tbh) but it can be
official contents that are changed into a quest item instead of a cash shop item. These quest items should also be
on par of cash shop items as right now, most (if not, all) items in the quest npc is lacking in power, as stated
earlier. Requirements for these quest items can be bulks of the items of the open world mobs, MVPs,
from instances, and even from cash shop items.

Pros: People will have things to do other than farm those yellow fluffy dragons. This can also encourage newbies
to play as they have things to look forward to.

Cons: None. (or perhaps, a little (to none) shakeup in the zeny economy, since less people will farm zeny.
(which, for the record, I believe, is a good thing))
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